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So many TV series have enriched Pop Culture with unforgettable catchphrases that it would be near impossible to compact them into a list with less than 50 entries. But here is a selection of iconic TV signature quotes originally uttered by the main character until we started using them in our own lives and situations so that they became part of the American -and International- lexicon (one quote by show).

Which of these TV catchphrases would you say is the most iconic?
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Posted 2 years ago

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It's Tribbiani. :)
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Sory, my misstake!
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In FRIENDS, there are 6 main characters and all of them are unique and funny in their own way. The humor in FRIENDS is fresh. There are lot more funny moments and more memorable quotes, if you ask anybody which is the funniest moment in FRIENDS, they will have a hard time answering, because there are so many to choose. In  FRIENDS, every character is lovable. They may have some or the  weak point but they have a redeeming quality that would make us love them lot more.Series Finale. When FRIENDS ended, it was definitely the end of an era. Whenever I watch the series finale, it leaves a hollow feeling in my chest.
Alex Bitman
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Live Poll: Congrats, ElMo : )
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This is an excellent poll even though the top two are from shows I didn't like.