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Workplaces are the settings of many TV shows, comedy and drama alike, and sometimes office sets may be one of the most important and recognizable elements of a show.

Which of these TV offices would you want to work in?

List in progress, suggestions welcome

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Posted 2 years ago

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brad toney

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Hey, Peter. What about Spin City? Michael J. Fox was a pro and it was very funny:)

Also a question how did you make your poll go sideways?
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This is an image list, so it is displayed as slides. But the poll would look like other polls, with small thumbnail images.

Spin City added!
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brad toney

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Alright, makes sense. I was wondering how some were doing it that way.
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I don't think there has been a better series than "Camera Café", a concept originated in France by comedians and best friends in life Bruno Solo and Yvan Le Bolloch in the early 2000's, each episode consists on two sketches taking place near the coffee machine, in fact, we see the whole show from the machine's POV and well, with comedy as a vehicle, the film illustrates the diversity of people who can work in the same workplace, the sneaky and hypocrotical union member, the failed womanizing sales rep, the condescending and snobbish HR manager, the meek and submissive accountant, the bossy and bitchy marketing manager etc.

The show has been adapted in Spain, Italy, Canada, even in Morocco lol, that's how successful it was.
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Pete you're missing your link-back.

Sports Night
Designing Women
Barney Miller
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Just Shoot Me
30 Rock
WKRP in Cincinnati
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Murphy Brown
Ugly Betty
Ally McBeal
The Mindy Project
The IT Crowd
Boston Law
House of Cards
Perry Mason
Halt and Catch Fire
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All added.

If there are more suggestions, I'll start replacing some.
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'Good one! I always thought it'd be great to work in "The Practice."
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Tough call.  It is a tie between Barney Miller and The Dick Van Dyke Show (Two of my all time favorite sitcoms)