Live Poll: Movies Which Were Hard to Finish

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Can you name a movie that you tried to watch, but you turned it off (or walked out) because you did not like it? One or two per person.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Earth Girls Are Easy  (1988)
A Southern California girl befriends three furry aliens
after their spaceship lands in her swimming pool.
Geena Davis   ...  Valerie
Jeff Goldblum    ...  Mac
Jim Carrey  ...  Wiploc

This was on TV a few days ago - wanted to watch Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis
Jeff Goldblum
Geena Davis  (1 November 1987 - 17 October 1990) ( divorced) 

he was on other shows and movies I watched like
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Series) 24 episodes
- - -

Girls at the pool were ... watchable

BUT after watching for aboutanour (mostly with the sound off!) ...  while on GS all day
I switched to something - anything! else

Oh, and I really really really dislike Jim Carrey


Pulp Fiction is one of my Favs

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