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Which of these long runner TV shows should already be canceled?
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Gabriel Gomez

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Posted 2 years ago

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Criminal Minds in my opinion is already a dead series. I used to love, but now it doesn't attract me anymore these last seasons
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Stephen N Russell

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HI 5-0, Simpsons, NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Am Horror, Once Upon a Time.
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Gabriel Gomez

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update, OUAT it was canceled already
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Timothy Gray

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
There are way too many lame cop shows on TV right now, and this one has become a preachy, formulaic soap opera. It gives the entire Law & Order franchise a bad name and should have ended years ago.
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Jen, Champion

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I suggest: Which of these long running TV shows should be canceled?

Shows on your list I despise: South Park, Family Guy, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy

Last Man Standing should never have been revived!

Once Upon a Time has ended, so shouldn't be on this list. :)
Homeland has announced that the next season will be its last.

American Dad - 15 seasons
NCIS: LA - 9 seasons
Blue Bloods - 8 seasons
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Jeorj Euler

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Please indicate that the list is the "2018 edition" or something like that. In the United States, television "seasons" usually align with school years, meaning that they usually begin in the Fall and end in the Spring, so you might want to indicate that as well.
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The Simpsons. They have been bad for much longer than they were good and that is very sad because they used to be perfect.
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Are you limiting the television shows to those shown in the United States? Also, are you limited the shows to scripted shows or would you consider so-called reality shows?

For your consideration:
Survivor (2000– ) - 36 Seasons (2 seasons per year)
Big Brother (II) (2000– ) - 20 Seasons
The Bachelor (2002– ) - 22 Seasons
The Bachelorette (2003– ) - 14 Seasons
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Can I pick all of the above? Even shows I like (like Suits) I think have overstayed their welcome. If I had to pick one I would probably say Modern Family, or Big Bang Theory.
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Jessica, Champion

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Gabriel, please add the number of seasons (22) to the description of the last entry.
Would you also consider adding the rest of Dan's suggestions above?
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Gabriel Gomez

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i'm only considering scripted shows specialy shows that was good but with the time got bad or aged bad, the reality shows alway was bad in my opinion
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I see.
You have added The Bachelor (2002– ) at #23. If you didn't mean to have it in your list, you should remove it. 
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I don't think it is fair to put reality shows with TV Series, i mean it's my opinion.
There some reality shows that is good, i specially like "The Challenge" but yeah it's not fair because it's another dimension of entertainment.
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Hi Gabriel,

'Good idea for a poll! There are a few that could easily get my vote so I'll have to deliberate a bit first.

Did you mean long-running in the intro? Jen mentioned it above and I agree that "running" is the more accurately descriptive word. 

Which of these long runner TV shows should be canceled?
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Dan Dassow, Champion

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LOL, this one needs an "All of the Above" option.
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Matthew Charles

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Please let Arthur die already. It was always a rather mediocre show, but since Season 16 or so it's been just horrible.
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MST3K (and Narnia) is Awesome

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All of them!... oops, Abi already read my mind!  :)
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There is only one VERY LONG season but it is just fun to post it here: 

IMDB says 11 371 episodes but in fact, there is 13 668 in date of September 20 2019 the next episode will air in 2 days.
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cinephile, it's amazing how some soap operas just refuse to die! In some cases which are there since radio days of soap operas we have fewer people who were alive when they started around today!