Live Poll: Oscar Nominees & Winners at 28

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Celebrating (a bit late) the 28th anniversary of our favorite website, here are 35 performances that earned their actors an Oscar nomination (in some cases a win) on the year of their 28th birthday.

Which of these performances (ranked chronologically) would you consider your favorite?

(oh, and the * refers to a supporting role)



Again, I know it's very likely that the actor/actress might not have turned 28 (or 29) before the actual date of the ceremony, but using the same convention as for the last three editions of this poll, the age 28 is simply the result of a simple subtraction of years.

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Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting
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Edward Norton in Primal Fear
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I can't believe Betty Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, and Toni Collette were only 28. They seemed older. 
My vote would go to either Brando in 'Streetcar,' Edward Norton in 'Primal Fear,' or Lee Remmick in 'Days of Wine and Roses.'
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Oscar Nominees & Winners at 28
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