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The Academy is planning to add an Oscar for Achievement in Popular Film. Which 2017 release do you think would have won such an award?

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Terrible idea from the Academy
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I can't stand the possibility of last movies of Fast and Furious won something...
If this was a few years ago maybe Twilight Saga would won something... Crazy
Or 50 shades of grey...

This is just another bad decision made by them and I believe it's because of this and others bad decisions of the last years that Oscar's made that people are felling that it is not worth watching.

Inception was a popular movie, a blockbuster and was on "the best motion picture".
It was a great movie and get it the spot on the most important category.
The others need to do the same thing, earn the spot.
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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
, that's what it says: "Arts" and "Sciences", popularity has absolutely nothing to do with any of these things, if a movie becomes popular, it's either because it achieved something on an artistic level (acting, writing, directing) or technical (special effects) and these are areas of excellence already awarded by the Oscars. 

It's like allowing fast-food chains to get Michelin stars and ignoring that a few restaurant owners worked hard to make sophisticated and gastronomy burgers, you award excellence not commercial success.
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It's like allowing fast-food chains to get Michelin stars and ignoring that a few restaurant owners worked hard to make sophisticated and gastronomy burgers, you award excellence not commercial success
Wow, that's beautifully said ElM! Totally agree too.
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Thanks Kyle, a good food metaphor rarely fails... but the emphasis was on "worked hard" actually.

I think we should consider two types of blockbusters: those that make billions right now and represent the 10 or 15 highest grossing movies of the year should be called mega-blockbusters... and yeah, it's true they rarely make the Best Picture line-up.

However, not all Best Picture nominees are art-house films, there are many movies that make hundreds of millions of dollars and are comparable to blockbusters in terms of commercial success just like there are movies that don't try to be too artsy and use tropes, effects and devices similar to blockbusters and get many Oscar nominations.

And that include Best Picture nominations for  La La Land, Get Out, American Sniper, Arrival, Dunkirk, Hacksaw Ridge, The Martian, Mad Max: Fury Road, Gravity, if not blockbusters or highly popular entertainments.

If anything, this new Oscar is pointless, it's like the Academy members are apologizing for a mistake they never made.
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I guess it would had been Logan, as it is a film recognized with a script nomination, a nod to comic book films and not considered in any other category.

However I find the idea terrible, popular movies can be indeed a form of art and when they are they must be recognized as such. The Godfather, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings all show this is possible, creating ghetos is the worst possible way to promote movies as it creates the idea that a film has to be either good or entertaining but not both.
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This will get academy more audience, yes. But they'll have to give up their fame. And continue as a people's choice award. :(

Can I do a yes/no poll for this? :/
I haven't seen anything like that on IMDb, but can I?
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Yes or no for,
Whether academy should add this new award or not.. :/
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Hi, Jessica. But that's wholly separate question that happens to relate to the same "news" and prospects as it were.
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I find this idea reduntant, because most of the popular movies are Oscar-eligible and more often then not have some wins and nominations. 
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I agree with Kyle. Theres no use of such a category. And if any one has to choose then why not pic a title which is rated by most no. of users.

My pic is between Wonder Woman or Logan.
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Agree ^^^ it's a political thing and what a shame... we live in a time where film is *mostly* a lost art form.
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The problem is bigger than that. Things aren't just becoming "political", they're being "weaponized".

Imagine someone who's passionate about movies like you, me, Ebert or the next movie-loving schmuck, imagine this person denounces all these "political" things on Facebook or Twitter.

Now, imagine this person makes it in Hollywood thanks to his hard work, dedication and passion... his previous comments will backfire at him sooner or later and he might lose everything he worked hard to get.

The point is, unless we want to stay anonymous, I'm not sure we can really say anything negative about the ways Hollywood is being ruled now. 
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My vote:
The Shape of Water (2017)

If this extremely poor idea for a category were in place for 2017 films, The Shape of Water (2017) would probably not have been nominated for Best Picture.
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I thought your question would be like face-off, yes or no, lol

Wonder Woman for me

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As mentioned above, a face-off has already been suggested:
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While I don't think there should be a popular film category, I get why they're doing it. It should really be what movie made the most money award. 

Regarding this poll though... I agree with the current top 3 (1:Blade Runner. 2: Logan. 3: Wonder Woman). I do think if there were more people taking this poll the results would shake out as 1: Wonder Woman. 2 Get Out. 3: Blade Runner or Star Wars

I do think on the basis of popularity alone, Wonder Woman would've won this award last year. That would've been even more the case because of the metoo movement that started last year and carried over into this year. I didn't personally like Wonder Woman but showing a strong female character made it do wonders at the box office. So many people were going to see that movie... even people that normally don't go to the movies. 

Film nerds and people here look at movies much differently than the masses. Black Panther was a good comic book movie. I've rewatched it a few times. I'm still convinced that the only reason the Academy is doing this popular film category is that they're still not ready to put a comic book movie in the best pic category. 
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Well, the Academy has never seemed to publish the rationales behind the nominations and selections of winners of the various awards. The judges have always come off as disfavoring science fiction and fantasy, except in the case of The Shape of Water, which was competing with movies of other genres.
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That's a surprise. Thanks for posting!
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