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Who are the IMDb poll voters? What qualities do we have in common? And what is our strongest characteristic? The results of this poll will give us the answers.

Which personal characteristic describes you the best?

Caring, Happy, Friendly, Independent, Brave, Intelligent, Relaxed, Confident, Curious, Optimistic, Serious, Creative, Adventurous, Reliable, Flexible, Ambiguous, Determined, Loyal, Orderly, Thoughtful, Innovative, Humorous, Responsible, Patient, Strong, Listener, Empathetic, Rational, Open-minded, Tenacious, Committed, Helpful, Enthusiastic.

My list:

Live Poll:
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Posted 2 years ago

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I'll say curious, but many other may apply
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Peter, Champion

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Correction: Independent

I think you may also mean Empathetic rather than Emphatic.
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Thank you. Yes, I meant Empathetic. I've made both corrections.
Photo of Kyle Perez

Kyle Perez

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All of the above :D
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Jessica, Champion

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Thoughtful or empathetic.
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Thanks for the votes! I can add two. Suggestions are welcome.
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I try to be all of the above. When it comes to "Open minded", I try to be, but with limits. There are some things that are just not me. I try to be respectful of others who have a different viewpoint. I hope they respect mine. It is sometimes good to set limits especially when creating a poll. I try to be flexible. But just remember Tevye's line from "Fiddler On The Roof", "if I bend too far I'll break.".
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Akash Charudatta Deshpande

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I would go with 'Open-minded' or 'Curious'.
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Jen, Champion

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I like the poll but you need some negative options - assholish, evil, rude, murderous, etc. :)
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I couldn't get myself to vote in this poll because there's no way for the results to turn out in a way that characterizes the average IMDB poll voter as biased towards more recent films, and biased towards anything having to do with the Lord of the Rings films, the Christopher Nolan Batman films, the Star Wars films, the Shawshank Redemption film, or a few other big commercial films - no matter what the poll question is asking about.