Live Poll: Russian Conspiracy and Collusion

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Whether based in truth or paranoia, Russian and Soviet spies and conspiracies are popular subjects in Western fiction. Which of these stories is your favorite?


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Posted 7 months ago

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Atomic Blonde (2017), not the best but missing

and Smiley
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Thanks. I had the other version of Tinker Tailor, but I will include both.
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good movies all around, but when it comes to timothy dalton as vote has to go to 'the living daylights'...
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I think that 'No Way Out' was a first class combination of crime, drama and a spy movie - with an unexpected end (at least to me)
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I quite liked the Norwegian drama movie Zwei Leben, and I would suggest it, but it would be kind of out of place since it is not only of a foreign language but also not exactly an action movie, since there are no shootouts, brawls or car chases. It is like Salt in the sense of dealing with former Soviet operatives who have been left hanging in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union.
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From Russia with Love
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Peter, despite it sounds as "spasiba", it's actually more of "spasibo". Pronunciation varies depending on which Russian accent you encounter. 
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Ugh, my Russian cover didn't last long.
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Good work Comrade Pollmaker!
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