Live Poll: The Best 1990s American Movie

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Which of these 35 top rated American movies of the 1990s is your favorite?


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Posted 12 months ago

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Ed Jones (XLIX)

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Can I get back to you in 10 years. Wow. Where are those types of movies today. Speaking of 10.... no way. All of them! You should have split these into Genre's.
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James The Movie Guy

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The Big Lebowski- I love that movie!
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Stephen N Russell

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Schlinders List, Saving Pvt Ryan, T2, Heat.
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Schindler's List
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Come on DC, you can do better, since the majority of the Top 250 movies are American, filtering by decade won't affect the original order that much, in other words, the listing is its own outcome... the list is amazing of course but even in the perspective of the homepage, the results would be quite predictable, and pere's "genre" approach works better (don't know who started that decade-genre trend but yeah, it sure works for the homepage).
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Matrix really blew my mind. It's still very good. Terminator 2 was almost as good.
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