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We've probably all seen T.V. shows and wondered what it would've been like if the characters crossed over and got in a relationship with a character from a different series. Below, that question is asked: and you answer. Which of these fictional characters from separate shows should be a couple?

Some of them might truly be compatible, while others are just funny. :)

Sorry if most of them are from old shows, but that's pretty much all I watch. :)

Link to List: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls047618735/
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Posted 12 months ago

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I'm trying to understand the logic of the pairings you suggest. On the surface, the pairings seem rather random.

For instance, why should these two characters get together:
Morticia Frump from "The Addams Family" and Ricky Ricardo from "I Love Lucy."

The Creepy, Kooky Lady and the Bandleader.
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Thank you for asking!  

Well, the way I see it is some of the couples may seem random, but when you think about it, they might be funny together.  Just picture Morticia and Ricky as a couple:  Ricky's trying to go about his bandleader life, but Morticia's weird family is always baffling him, or trying to get in on the act.  (So like Lucy/the Mertzes, only more creepy, lol.)  

Or Doug Heffernan and Mary Richards.  Doug's a lazy, food loving guy, while Mary is ambitious and skinny.  :)

And then there's just the generation gap with some.  :)  

Hope that's a good answer!
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I agree with Dan, these couples seem not only wrong for each other but honestly look like shows I'd never want to watch. Sorry.

Plus, you hardly used any of the many many suggestions from the other thread.