Live Poll: TV Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

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These TV shows were canceled soon. Which is your favorite? I'm open to suggest


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Posted 3 months ago

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I'm not sure what "fairly" or "unfairly" means in this context. Were they judged by standards different from how non-cancelled shows were? Were they targets of political chicanery? I don't understand, but I suppose there can be an objective "unfair" (confirmed violation of policy) and a subjective "unfair" (unexpected bias), whereby the latter is casually being posited.

With that in mind, perhaps it is a good idea to make a reference to the successor to the airing schedule block for each case, or something like that, to at least try to justify the use of the adverb "unfairly".
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While I partially agree with Jeorj Euler and "unfairly" might be a bit subjective, I can totally say exactly the same word about most of these shows. Some of those were amongst my first thoughts when I saw this suggestion ("Constantine", "ALF"). 

"The Flash" (1990) (actually had impressive ratings for the time, until they dropped because network changed a time slot)

I'm not sure whether "Twin Peaks" (1990) fits, considering it got a great revival in 2017, but many people would argue that it belongs here, all things considered. After all, as many actors died before they could reprise their parts, that impacted revival and made it a bit of a different beast, even if Frost and Lynch worked around the absence of some actors rather impressively and with great respect, including some nice tributes. 
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Great Poll
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Maybe some or all of them were cancelled irrationally, or cancelled without a candid explanation.
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Alf or Agent Carter. FYC: Better Off Ted 
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Rome (2005–2007)
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'Good list of good shows. My vote: Deadwood or Awake. FYC: Life 

May I suggest two small edits? (in bold)

These TV shows were canceled at their best moments. Which is your favorite?

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Thank you for making the edits that Ruby recommended.
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