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In Cinema, there's more in walking than going from a point A to a point B, it's less about the destination of the characters, than the mindset or the state of mind that inhabits them during that short, long or recurring walk. And what better than a song to convey the emotional resonance of their feelings, whether it's sung by them or played in the background. 

From young and cocky Tony Manero swaggering down the street under the Bee Gees' tempo to Dorothy and her friends off to see the wizard or Will Kane wandering the deserted streets of Hadleyville, hoping not to be forsaken... it seems like there's no great walking scene without a song to define it. 

So, which of these walking and singing or walking WHILE singing movie moments is your favorite?

Only one song per movie... and only songs, no marches or wordless scores, which means, no"Colonel Bogey March" or "Surf Rider".
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Great poll. I stuck between:
SINGIN' IN THE RAIN: "Singin' in the Rain"
THE WIZARD OF OZ: "We're Off to See the Wizard"
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Jackie Brown
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Not a fan of the movie but the Bee Gee's song is bloody infectious.  And yes, I occasionally sing that song to myself as I'm walking (very briskly) to doctor's appointments.

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