Poll Suggestion: Who is your vote for best director from these selected names from the '50 MUST See Directors List'?

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Poll Suggestion: Who is your vote for best director from these selected names from the '50 MUST See Directors List'?  https://www.imdb.com/list/ls094735436/
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Posted 4 months ago

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I say Alfred Hitchcock.  
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Why is Joel and Ethan Coen separate? They codirect most (if not all) of their films.
And can you link the source of this 50 Must-See Directors for context?
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Hi Chas Henderson (AKA HomerSmith),

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50 MUST See Directors

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Who is your vote for best director from these selected names from the '50 MUST See Directors List'?

Must See Directors

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Which of these must see directors is your favorite?

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Must See Directors

Which of these must see directors is your favorite?

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you have jughead abrahms on your list but not terry gilliam...what were you thinking....
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I also would like to see the source of this 50 director list. It's seems kind of a really samey copy and paste job as indicated by Dan's previous post.
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Understood.  I will re-work my list.