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Porn "stars" shouldnt be on this site. They are not in the same category as real actors and actresses. They need to be removed. I see these people coming up in the birthday lists like its not a big deal. I'm sure kids use this site in addition to adults. They dont need to be exposed to this. I'm sure there are other people out there who think they dont belong either. They just do not belong.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Sorry, but they should be on this site.

IMDb records all films/videos that have been made available to public without regard to quality. The only way to remove the porn stars would be to remove all the porn films, and IMDb is not going to do this.

As to children being able to see the titles of films and names of porn actors on this site, they can see some of them in newspapers and other public places. Moreover, this is an international data base and some cultures have a much less restrictive policy toward pornography. Whose policies should be used?

You may feel that porn actors "are not in the same category as real actors", but I think you could say the same thing about the reality program 'stars' and also about many of the people interviewed in various documentaries, yet they are also listed.

Finally a number of the stars have appeared in non-porn films, in some cases an actress has appeared in only one hard-core film but several regular movies, in others a porn star has appeared in only one regular movie, and in yet others they have appeared in many of each type. How do you handle them? Also, there are many news programs and documentaries about the business, and the actors are interviewed for them. This means they would be recorded for these appearances, even if the porn films were removed. Should these programs be removed as well?

Once you start censoring data, you open a real can of worms, as the various items do not exist totally separately from all others; they tend to be heavily interconnected.
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Re:  "There aren't many sites that have everything you need in one spot"

If that's its appeal, why ask them to remove content?

Re:  "Open my eyes?"

The site lists almost 6 million people and 3 million titles...double that for the message boards for all those people/titles and main message boards...add to that all the ancillary pages and the "contact" link is listed much more than 20 million times.  Yet you've missed it....

Re:  " The day that a porn person will be the equal of De Niro, Pacino"

So, the site should only list those equaling De Niro, Pacino, etc.?  So, what...they should list a dozen or so people and quit?  The site strives to be complete...not just list what Margarete wants to see.

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No I didn't miss the link. You click on it and wind up in an endless loop of them telling you to use the message boards and only contact them for billing issues or log in issues. Since you know everything about IMDb then you would know this if you've ever tried contacting them instead of trolling the message boards and insulting others. Apparently I'm not alone in that because I seem to recall seeing at least one other person posting they had issues. Before you start flinging insults about a person's intelligence you are the one who needs to stop and think. Rudeness is uncalled for. Again, this is the exact reason why people don't post. They don't want to risk being flamed.
You just don't get it. You have a one track mind. You seriously think I'm the only one who feels this way? This is the internet movie database. Not the porn database. If this site is so complete then why doesn't it have information about actors who have done commercials? Oh wait, I guess that's beneath them but filming their genitals up close is a class act. I'm not saying that people as famous as De Niro and Pacino are the only ones on here. Again, missed the point. Not surprised.
There are porn actors who themselves don't even want to be associated with that anymore and don't get taken seriously. Then they whine and winder why no one respects them. Like I said, porn is not art.
Apparently, you don't see there's a problem when you're looking at birthdays on the site and a porn "star" gets billing over someone who is much more worthy. It's funny how every person in porn is a "star" and real actors earn that.
It's nice to see you go insult people and upset them and you don't bat an eye. Not surprised again.
Apparently if a person wants to have a filter added to the site to shield their children from smut they're wrong too. It's not just what I want. I was the only one with the balls to say what others were thinking. I have every right in the world to feel how I feel and you have no right to tell me how to feel. You also have no right to go around insulting people because you feel like it. I don't care what your "rank" is on here. Just shows you're a troll and nothing more. It doesn't define you nor your lack of manners and morals. Dare a person not be a sheep.
Now I am done. I could care less what mindless drivel that comes out of you next.
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I agreed that people miss the contact form (especially since I'd copied/pasted it four times at the time you posted about it).

It's not an endless loop. sends (as it sent you) you here where you can either post a message or use the contact form for privacy.
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I'd just like to point out to Margarete that she's being very hypocritical when complaining about being insulted, since she's just repeatedly (and strongly) insulted all persons involved in the adult film business (or, at least the actors).
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I'm not sitting here personally attacking them unlike your friend and yourself. When you get a woman you'll learn there's life beyond porn. Til then good luck with Rosie Palm and her five sisters. Whores are whores they make no secret about it by exposing their genitals for the whole world to see. When you kids grow up you'll see. I've never heard of regular movies destroying lives. You want to insult me? Getting your rocks off are you? I wasn't being rude to anyone til I started to get personally attacked. Grow up. Amazing how it's the pigs defending the porn. Yeah I said it. You want to insult me big boys? I can do it just the same. Now go back to your Debbie Does Dallas and your bong after you read this. And don't bother writing anymore either because it's also nothing but mindless pig drivel

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