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The mandate to bring diversity to the Oscars led to the most diverse group of acting nominees ever in 2017. Likewise, the Best Picture category may need a similar make-over. Each year, the same type of movies are nominated and win, time after time, resulting in a homogeneous feel to the Best Picture category. The following movie genres have received a limited number of nominations or wins over the past half century.

Which genre most deserves better representation in the prestigious Best Picture Oscar category with more nominations and wins?

Poll Answer Options: Movies cited are intended to demonstrate the Oscar worthiness of each genre as well as the rarity of award recognition.

See the partial list of under-recognized genres in the Oscar Best picture category here:
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I would actually like to see separate categories for Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy where they would have their own Film, Screenplay, Actor/Actress Director ect...I know this would make the Oscars a long show to watch but I think it might pull in more viewers who would be interested in the awards. I always hate it when really good genre movies, esp horror/sci-fi/fantasy films get sent to awards hell for stuff like special effects, editing, photography or other technical awards.
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A nice idea, but, aren't the Oscars long enough already?

Of the 15 films that have won Best Picture with "Comedy" as a genre, none of them have “Comedy” listed as their only genre. It’s as if the Academy simply can’t allow themselves to give their highest award to a film that is only about making people laugh. But then, films that scare people aren’t welcome either, as no horror film has ever won Best Picture. Horror films have won Oscars, but, never the Big One. In the case of horror, maybe the voters are OK with films where people die, just not that way. Example:  The Apartment won five Oscars, when it didn't even deserve one, while Psycho was nominated for four Oscars and won none.  

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The Hollywood Reporter claims six horror movies have been nominated with one win, but I would agree I think all are non-traditional horror movies that if labeled I think do qualify, but would be better described as thrillers Oscar-Nominated Best Picture Horror Films poll: Favorite Oscar-Nominated Best Picture Horror Movie?

I would advocate focusing on making sure have the right awards and making sure everyone that deserves to be recognized is getting a fair shot. The Oscars already has a second ceremony dedicated to Scientific and Technical Awards  Honorees are celebrated at a formal dinner held two weeks prior to the Oscar ceremony. I have no problem even adding a third ceremonial dinner and moving some of the lower profile categories to that event to keep the length of the main event reasonable.

As much as, the Oscars should be about recognition, they are about selling movies and promoting the industry. In the face of declining ratings and seimic industry changes, I think they are taking steps to make the show and awards more relevant to viewers. The announcement of  a category dedicated to more commercial films is one step: Oscars: Academy changes mind, won't present 'popular' award this year. As could be setting up the categories more like the Golden Globes does (ie Music/Comedy). It allows for better recognition and a fairer comparison when competing against films in the same genre. It seems like in the past few years, they are re-thinking everything, after refusing to change for a very long time.

Academy Awards Best Pictures - Genre Biases - Filmsite
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Non-Anglo Made Movies
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I think Oscars are fine the way they are.  
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Thanks, I will give that some consideration as an answer option.
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Title change:
Does the Oscars Need More Best Picture Diversity?

Introduction change:
Every year at the Oscars, the same type of movies are nominated and win in the Best Picture category. As of 2018, there have been 546 nominees and 90 winners for the Oscar Best Picture award. Even though, most movies are classified in multiple genres, creating even more opportunities to qualify, the Best Picture category has a very homogeneous feel. Entire movie genres are often overlooked with a limited number of nominations or even fewer wins over the past half century, despite thousands of chances to qualify.

Question change:
Which genre or type of movie most deserves* better representation in the prestigious Best Picture Oscar category with both more nominations and more wins?
*final answer option: none of the above

Added a None of the Above Final Answer Option
I disagree with poll question's premise
I don't think the Best Picture category has a homogeneous feel at all nor do I feel any genres have been unfairly underrepresented in nominations or wins.

I personally find the case difficult to make with almost thirty categories cited as examples. All have single digit win totals, several with no or a handful wins at over 90 Oscar ceremonies. As of 2018, there have been 546 films nominated for Best Picture and 90 winners, 546 chances to be nominated, likewise nominations range in the dozen to two dozen range with some getting even less.However, statistically a case could made the concentration could be a normal bell curve distribution. But, I think it goes beyond that and statistics prove the case the other way, as being irregular.

Note: Poll Answer Image Options - Movies pictured are intended to demonstrate the Oscar worthiness of each genre, as well as, an example of the relative rarity of each genres award recognition.
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Indie/Non-Major Studio Movies.
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Thanks, probably the category that has the best representation of the slighted groups, but also produced the most true contenders due to volume of titles and risk taking nature of the indies, in general.