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Cats, Wicked, Miss Saigon, The Book of Mormon and American Idiot are poised to be the next in a long line of Broadway to Hollywood success stories. Which big musical became even bigger when it flipped coasts?

Which musical movie based on a successful Broadway stage play became the best Hollywood movie adaptation? * Broadway or Off-Broadway

See the partial list of Broadway to Hollywood musical adaptations here:

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Posted 3 years ago

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The Phantom of the Opera.
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cant go wrong: great cast and great adaptation
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Grease (1978)
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great question and good list suggestions...(actually quite impressive urbane)...

saw ALOT of these on broadway (broadway was so affordable back then)...but i look at some of these from the perspective of the transformation, not just how good the movie was...

some faltered with the casting (dreamgirls, evita, rock of ages)...some did respective interpretations (sweeney todd, grease, chicago)...some are cool (jesus christ superstar, hedwig)...some classic (cabaret, gigi)...and 'hairspray' actually started as a movie, then went to broadway, then became another movie...

but, to vote...i know which one i love (rocky horror)...i know which one i like alot (hair), especially since a friend of mine was in the movie..and i know which one i kinda liked (rent), especially since a friend of mine wrote the broadway show (may he rest in peace), so...

in all due respect to my friends, i still have to go with rocky horror...
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I thought this might be of interest regarding ticket prices and dynamic pricing

NYT Article: High Ticket Prices Are Fueling a Broadway Boom
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First off, you have to beware of Broadway plays that are based on movies when doing this type of poll. "Nine" is Broadway version of Federico Fellini's "8 1/2" then Hollywood did the film version of the musical. In other words, it is not Broadway to Hollywood . It is the other way around, Hollywood to Broadway and then back to Hollywood for the film based on a musical play based on a Hollywood film. "Little Shop Of Horrors" and "The Producers" did the same thing too.

May I suggest "Funny Girl" (1968) with Barbara Streisand and Omar Sharif. It is really good. It which led to a sequal called "Funny Lady" (1975)

- South Pacific

- Flower Drum Song

- Oklahoma (even if it did cut the merchant's song.)
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You can't go wrong with both "Funny Girl" and "Grease" on your list since they both inspired sequels that would beautifully fit in with your statement "Which big musical became even bigger when it flipped coasts?" How much bigger can you get when the movie adaption inspired sequels?
Also "Chicago" has an interesting history to it since the orginnal non-musical play by Maurine Dallas Watkins that was based on the Beulah Annan trail (Roxie Hart in the play) and the Belva Gaertner trail (Velma Kelly in the play). Watkins was a newspaper reporter at the time covering the media circus the attorney O'Brian was conducting for both trials. Watkins' play "Chicago" (Broadway debut 1926), was turned into two non-musical movies ("Roxie Hart" (1942) and "Chicago" (1927)) before Bob Fosse bought the rights to the play from the Watkins' estate and turned it into a musical. Watkins herself had turned down Fosse twice herself while she was alive. So Fosse had to wait for her to die and get the rights from the estate. But for the story on the real life trials read these six pages starting here . And I looked up the song "Hula Lou" that Beulah Annan played while her lover was played while her lover was bleeding to death to see what type and tone the song was . Man, she had to be real cold blooded to listen to that happy go lucky song while someone was bleeding to death nearby.
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You have the basis of another short list poll here. So short it might be called a showdown poll. Weather directly connected or not, movie adaptations of musicals that were non-musical movies first (and a few more steps before that too.)
Entries would be:
-"8 1/2" to "Nine"
- "Chicago" play to two non-musical movies ("Roxie Hart" and "Chicago" (1927 silent film)) to musical play to movie musical "Chicago"
- Thorntion Wilder play "The Matchmaker" (1955) ( which he rewrote his own 1937 play "The Merchant Of Yonkers" that was basically an American adaption of an Australian play by Johann Nestroy called "Einen Jux will er sich machen" (1842) ) to the movie "The Matchmaker" (1958) to the Broadway musical adaption "Hello Dolly" to the movie musical "Hello Dolly".
- "Little shop of Horrors" movie to Broadway musical to movie musical.
- "The producers" from movie to Broadway musical to movie musical.
-from "Auntie Mame" play to movie to "Mame" Broadway musical to Movie musical adaptation.
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urbane...don't be afraid of too many 'older'''ll find those are, more often than not, the better titles...
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I would agree 100% with your statement, as far older titles being overlooked. Both because of the larger pool of movies to pull from and the fact they are usually under-represented as a general rule.

As far as this poll, it is more about being balanced and representing each era, to explain my thought process in more detail. The goal of being balanced is to have answer options that connect with widest possible group of poll takers. I think the list as it stands is well represented with 5-8 Broadway smash shows from each of the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's decades (to some extent the early 80's). In part the issue lies with having more than 35 quality candidates for the available spots. As well as, I think the so-called "Golden Age"  of Broadway musicals is fairly given some additional emphasis.

However, in reviewing the distribution of answer options, I would like to beef up the past three decades, which are only moderately represented. I would prefer to add musicals that defined their decade, like Cats, Miss Saigon, Wicked or the like, with the few remaining spots. My unofficial list criteria balances longest running Broadway shows with relatively high IMDb vote total for a film from that period. The primary issue with getting a more recent musical on the list is many of these have yet to get the Hollywood treatment. In this case, I think an older title that would be in the bottom of Top Ten list for its decade doesn't deserve a spot over a Top Three show from a more recent decade. I think these last few spots should be held fora future hit musical or those in-development titles, aside from any obvious omissions.

P.S. I replaced the Wiz and Gigi with Oklahoma! (1955) and A Chorus Line (1985).
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On the offshoot list from your list that I made do "Movie adaptations of Broadway musicals that where musical adaptions of non-musical plays and movies before that (and maybe a few more steps)", when I got the time to do it*, I will also add:
- "Romeo and Juliet" to "West Side Story"
- "The Philadelphia Story" to "High Society"
- -"Pygmalion" to "My Fair Lady"
* Of course giving you proper credit for the inspiration for the list.
Update Scratching "The Philadelphia Story" to "High Society" since it evolved as non musical Broadway play to non- musical movie to movie musical then to Broadway musical.
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With Memorial Day coming up, as a temporary salute to the vets, I would recommend adding "South Pacific" (1958) to your list. Having seen the stage musical play being performed live twice, I can personally attest to the color changing lights of the background during the songs as being apart of the show. The movie expanded the story by showing Billis being sucked out of the plane which the play can not physically show but only tell about it instead. But the movie fallows the play faithfully.
I would also suggest to read the collection of interconnected stories that the play was based on, "Tales Of The South Pacific" by James A. Michener. It is excellent reading.
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Good Suggestion.

South Pacific is a good example of too many quality titles to list them all. Certainly, worthy in its own right as a production with 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1950. Plus, it was the top grossing American movie in 1958 and has the eleventh highest IMDb rating of the group.

However, it only ranks as the 34th longest running Broadway shows, its movie has the lowest IMDb vote total of group and it only won a Oscar for Sound. Despite, the mixed bag indicating the strength of this title. This was the title I most regretted not initially listing, but finally caved with a possible South Pacific remake currently in development limbo and your seconding its worthiness.

It also was, as you point out, true to the original Broadway production."This is the only theatrical film adaptation of a Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II stage show to have all the songs intact, with the addition of the song "My Girl Back Home," which was cut from the play before it opened."

Added South Pacific, cut Hedwig and the Angry Inch
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urbane...may i just say what a great job you are doing with this poll...the changes you have made and suggestions you have taken have shown intelligence and cooperation, as well as the intentional thought you initially began with...

well done...
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Thanks, your help is appreciated. Live poll:
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Simply the greatest piece of entertainment ever made in my opinion, and how can you go wrong with Tim Curry?
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Cats 2019 | Movie
Debuts: 1981 West End and 1982 Broadway
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