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As of 01 December 2018, these female and trans female movie directors are among the highest career earners in all-time domestic box office. All rank among the Box Office Mojo's Top 500 Directors with more than $75m in domestic box office ticket sales each.

Which of these trail-blazing top box office grossing female directors is your personal favorite?

See the partial list of the top female domestic box office cumulative total directors here:

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Posted 1 year ago

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Sofia Coppola
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I voted for Nancy Meyers, the first woman on that list
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Coppola (Even though you've got two votes for Coppola here, I bet there will be two, or maybe even three, such as Bigelow, above her in the actual poll.)

I don't think you need "any trans female;" "female" is inclusive. If you keep it though, I'd suggest changing it to "transgender female" or "transgendered female." 
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I would prefer to drop it altogether and not make the distiction, I only include the term as a preemptive measure to avoid any comments or disputes over their inclusion for those who like to split-hairs. I am still reworking PS: Best Female Director Cinematic Body of Work? for International Women's Day on 08 March 2019, but I am still having difficultly with defining the criteria for inclusion. In the interim, this poll could be published as the cut-off is well defined and the answer pool is complete.
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Kathryn Bigelow

P.S. Wouldn't it be better to consider the Wachowskis as one option?
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While you have valid points, the Wachowskis only ever work together. How would someone choose between them?

You could remake this as an image poll and include the pairs that qualify numbers-wise. When something like this has come up in the past, usually we say (for example), Anna Boden (with Ryan Fleck).
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It seem to be opening a can of worms, that doesn't need to be opened. Plus, even though they done something in the past, it doesn't guarantee they always will in the future. A lot of these team mostly work together, but it is not rare for them to venture off for a solo project or to split up altogether. It seems unnecessary to try to predict the future or even to get into that business altogether.

They are individuals with distinct personalities and I am sure even true Wachowskis fans favor one over the other. I wouldn't even be surprised if their mother has a favorite. It seems like a lot a lot work for others to be lazy and not to have to make a choice. I would suggest poll takers, who claim them as their "favorites" do a little work and educate themselves about what makes each Wachowski unique, if so inclined.

"The sisters have worked as a writing and directing team through most of their professional film careers, until the second season of Sense8 in 2016. At this point Lilly took an active break from writing and directing, with Lana continuing the TV series solo, which has marked the first time that the sisters worked separately." For those truly conflicted, they could base it on the second season of Sense8, if they thought it got better vote for Lana, if it got worse vote for Lilly.. If none of the above is helpful, I would suggest a coin flip.
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They are not women and should not be included in this in the first place. I don't care what anyone says or what they "look" like. Deep down they are still MALE. I'm not being a redneck, homophobe. Just stating the God's honest truth.
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Sometime within the last two decades or so, in the Western bloc nations, some hundreds of psychologists and lawyers decided that, as it applies to natural persons, that: the designation of "female" does not require a person to have the XX chromosome pairing in "her" genetic code; the designation of "male" does not require a person to have the XY chromosome pairing in "his" genetic code. Which is surely a departure from classic conventions, but the ideas have caught on nonetheless. The fact that objections are commonly raised in regards to branding transgender people one thing or another, and using that to include or exclude them, just goes to show how controversial the matter is. The activists who act on behalf of the transgender are also very forthcoming about attempts at "normalizing" their unconventional ideas, and are criticized for it accordingly, whereas the ones doing such criticizing do not really see how "dignity" of person even factors into the situation at all.
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I don't know for sure, but I would assume that, for the time being, a given poll suggester is the main one to decide whether or not to include transgender women in IMDb lists of women, or transgender men in IMDb lists of men, for the lists being constructed and supplied by the suggester. Also, most importantly, while it is permissible to add options to an IMDb live poll, it is not permissible to remove options from IMDb live polls. So, disqualification-oriented objections should be raised, discussed and judged before a suggested poll goes live.
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Anna Boden's Movie Directorial Resume
Top Box Office Film: Captain Marvel $200m plus
#323 Box Office Mojo Totals
$200m plus
added #27 15 March 2019 (new entry)

Phyllida Lloyd's Movie Directorial Resume
Top Box Office Film: Mamma Mia! $144.1m
#NR est. 355 Box Office Mojo Totals
added #28 15 March 2019 (not listed on boxofficemojo database)

Honorable Mentions
Callie Khouri's Movie Directorial Resume
Top Box Office Film: Ya-Ya Sisterhood $69.6m
#476 Box Office Mojo Totals

Julie Anne Robinson's Movie Directorial Resume
Top Box Office Film: The Last Song $63.0m
#477 Box Office Mojo Totals

Potential 2019 $100m Female Directors (new)
Director: Marielle Heller |
Director: Greta Gerwig
Director: Andrea Berloff |
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Favorite Top Box Office Grossing Female Director Watchlist

All rank among the Box Office Mojo's Top 600 Directors with about $50m or more in domestic box office ticket sales each (as of 15 August 2019).

478 Callie Khouri $90.3 2 $45.1 Ya-Ya Sisterhood $69.6
(non-active theatrical movie  director bumped from poll for rising star)
479 Julie Anne Robinson $89.4 2 $44.7 The Last Song $63.0
(non-active theatrical movie director bumped from poll for rising star)

509 Valerie Faris $75.1 3 $25.0 Little Miss Sunshine $59.9 no upcoming movies listed
543 Kay Cannon $60.3 1 $60.3 Blockers $60.3 Cinderella (announced)
554 Gillian Armstrong $57.9 6 $9.7 Little Women (1994) $50.1 no upcoming movies listed
556 Kimberly Peirce $57.7 3 $19.2 Carrie $35.3 This Is Jane (pre-production)
558 Jane Campion $56.8 7 $8.1 The Piano $40.2 The Power of the Dog (pre-production)
568 Julie Taymor $52.8 4 $13.2 Frida $25.9 The Glorias (post-production)
579 Greta Gerwig $49.0 2 $24.5 Lady Bird $49.0 Little Women (post-production)
580 Abby Kohn $48.8 1 $48.8 I Feel Pretty $48.8 Fantasy Camp (pre-production)
585 Sarah Smith (II) $46.5 1 $46.5 Arthur Christmas $46.5 no upcoming movies listed
587 Karyn Kusama $45.4 5 $9.1 Aeon Flux $25.9 588 no upcoming movies listed
590 Elizabeth Allen (II) Rosenbaum $44.8 2 $22.4 Ramona and Beezus $26.2 no upcoming movies
596 Diane Keaton $44.0 2 $22.0 Hanging Up $36.1 no upcoming movies listed
597 Shana Feste $43.8 3 $14.6 Endless Love $23.4 Run Sweetheart Run (post-production)

425 Trish Sie $119.8 2 $59.9 Pitch Perfect 3 $104.9 no upcoming movies listed
*previously not tracked on

#745 est.NR Marielle Heller A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (post-production)
2019 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (post-production)
2018 Can You Ever Forgive Me?  $8.8M
2015 The Diary of a Teenage Girl $1.5M

#755 est.NR
NR Andrea Berloff no upcoming movies listed
2019 The Kitchen $8.8M+ (just released)

Future Most Likely Rank Mover Greta Gerwig
(previously ranked near #750 on 29 November 2018)
#579 Greta Gerwig $49.0 2 $24.5 Lady Bird $49.0
(est. #390) 25 December 2019 Little Women (post-production) starring Florence Pugh , Emma Watson, Timothée Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Bob Odenkirk , Tracy Letts, Chris Cooper among others
(est. #275) 08 May 2020 Barbie (announced) starring Margot Robbie

Current Biggest Rank Mover: Anna Boden no upcoming movies listed
(previously ranked near #760 on 29 November 2018)
#176 Anna Boden $434.4 4 $108.6 Captain Marvel $426.8
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claims top 500 director spot
Greta Gerwig's Movie Directorial Resume
Top Box Office Film: Little Women (2019) $ Running Totals
Inside #500 Box Office Mojo Totals

claims the top female director spot w/her second film
Jennifer Lee's Movie Directorial Resume
Top Box Office Film: Frozen 2 $ Running Totals
Box Office Mojo Totals
1. Frozen (I) (2013) $400,738,009
2. Frozen II (2019) $435,173,786+ (through 01/01/2020)
first female director of a feature film that earned more than $1 billion in gross box office revenue (a feat she has now accomplished twice now)

Women Directors Broke Records In 2019 — But Don’t Get Too Excited
Hollywood Embraced Women Directors in 2019, But the Numbers Are Still Bleak
For Female Directors, 2019 Marked a Major Change in Hollywood Representation

A new report shows an increase in women directors for the first time in 13 years, but how inclusive is Hollywood, really?

The overall percentage of women who received directing jobs from 2007 to 2019 is even more dizzyingly meager. Of 1,300 top-grossing films during that period, 3.9% were directed by white women, and women of color made up less than 1 percent of directors.
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As 15 March 2019, these female directors were ranked #491, #499 and #501 in career domestic box receipts among all directors. They either fell out of the or were on the cusp on falling out of the Top 500 Domestic Box Office Directors by the end of year with no movie releases in 2019. All have upcoming projects that would them to reclaim a Top 500 spot depending on its success domestically.

Mira Nair's Movie Directorial Resume
Top Box Office Film: Vanity Fair $16.1m
Box Office Mojo Totals

upcoming films The Bengali Detective Drama | Announced

 Mary Lambert's Movie Directorial Resume
Top Box Office Film: Pet Sematary $57.5m
Box Office Mojo Totals

upcoming films Rolling in the Deep | Announced and  Darlene  | Comedy, Thriller | Announced

Gina Prince-Bythewood's Movie Directorial Resume
Top Box Office Film: The Secret Life of Bees $37.8m
Box Office Mojo Totals

upcoming films The Old Guard | Action, Fantasy | Post-production (possible Netflix) Stars: Charlize Theron, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and An Untamed State | Drama | Announced  Star: Gugu Mbatha-Raw
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urbanemoviesDan Dassow FYI: Description of the Jennifer Yuh Nelson's option is identical to that of Jennifer Lee
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Thanks, corrected in #13 option, altered nm1601644 to nm0950775 to yield
Jennifer Yuh Nelson's Movie Directorial Resume
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The Wachowski siblings are neither "female" nor "trans female" as shown on this page because no such individual as a "trans female" exists. A "transwoman"  is biologically male and a "transgender female" would be a "transman" that is a biological female who has transitioned to live as a man in a social context.

Intersex people are not part of the "trans~" equation because they have a physical birth condition not a psychiatric condition refering to gender dysphoria (I mentioned this incase either of the Wachowskis had been intersex and merely decided to live as the actual biological sex).

The word female refers to biological sex not gender which only applies to "feminine" or "masculine" cultural aspects like clothing and stereotypical social roles.  That's why transgender people have "gender reassignment" not "sex changes" because their DNA doesn't change, they simply create an external appearance of the physical sexual characteristics of the opposite sex (humans like many animals are sexually dimorphic) but these individuals remain the same internally and genetically so it would be better if you change to women and transwomen because not all females are women and not all women are female. But all females have two X chromosomes whilst all transwomen have at least one Y chromosome like other males.

The person who commented that the word female is inclusive of transwomen is incorrect and should consult a basic dictionary.

If changed to women and transwomen, I would vote for the Wachowskis since I've never watched any of the films by the women listed and have no interest in watching either since I don't like the genres. I liked the first Matrix film and that's it for the people listed.
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Older dictionaries can be rendered "incorrect", so to speak, by newer dictionaries.