Live Poll: The Best of Gross-Out Comedy

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Gross-out is a subgenre of comedy movies in which the makers employ humor that is willfully "tasteless" or even downright disgusting. It usually involves gratuitous nudity, unrealistic aggressiveness towards property or Schadenfreude. The movies are generally aimed at a younger audience aged between 18 and 24. One boon of this genre is that it provides an inexpensive way to make a movie "edgy" and to generate media attention for it.

Here is the list of 35 famous movies of this subgenre. Which one did you enjoy the most?

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Posted 9 months ago

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Animal House, the genus of gross out comedy
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There's Something About Mary
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Funny, in a way, other than the nudity and the vulgarity (something you kind of neglected to mention in your description) a lot of your description can fit the slapstick comedy of The Three Stooges andThe Marx Brothers. Can one dare to make the comparison? Yes or no?

BTW, FYC - because of one scene in the movie where Trapper John and Hawkeye Pierce play a trick on Hot Lips while she takes a shower, “M.A.S.H.”.
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