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Lights, camera... cut, romance! Romance brings much into a fictional story of any genre, but what if a studio floor was the good place to start a real love story...

Here is a list of the TV-series that went some way to couple the stars. Some relationships didn't work out much, while others were secretly dating for years; some of them making babies on screen only, but others have married having children in real life.

Which TV story out of the list, no matter genre, is the greatest to watch for a real romance to start?

(All the moments depicted are fictitious. Any resemblance to events or locales, where the actual romance took place right before or after filming, is purely coincidental :)

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The top 5 of the list introduces the couples having the greater number of collaborations in other projects (no talk-show, no reality TV, only fiction, and no shorts). All the rest are ordered by release years of the shows.
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ben and moreena...'gotham'...
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Great list!

I did not know that about Dexter and his sister.
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Thank you-uuu-u
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