Question: Why refuse to removal factually incorrect data? (Eoin's budget issue)

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Hi Michelle,
I have a question that I was going to ask but was too slow before you locked down this thread for further questions/comments.

Basically a filmmaker had come here because an incorrect budget was listed on their film and they wanted the incorrect data removed.

The IMDb response was "we are happy to look into it and make appropriate corrections, but we will not remove the budget". This I really don't understand.

I do not know Eoin's situation, but lets consider for a second that he Eoin kept that information private and didn't want it in the public for whatever reason. Now let's consider that perhaps incorrect data was added to IMDb by a well-meaning user...a shocking idea I know, but let's pretend it happened?!?!

So before that user did that deliberate or accidental error and submitted incorrect details, Eoin had 3 options regarding his budget:
a) Keep it private
b) Lie about it (bigger/smaller to suit)
c) Make it public

Now, thanks to what we're saying might have been an he only has option (b) and (c) he has to either make the budget public, or lie about it - either by leaving the incorrect figure on the database....or by making one up which is so absurd that everyone would know it must be an error and ignore it (ie either $0.01 or $100 billion).

This seems wrong - why would be fine with incorrect data on IMDb? It is not that we have an actress saying they were embarrassed to be in some trashy movie before they were famous so can we remove the credit.....Eoin is saying it is factually wrong.

If an actress was incorrectly credited as playing Queen Sheba in his film and he pointed this out...would the response be "until you prove to me who DID play Queen Sheda, then we refuse to remove the actress from the cast list even though you, the maker, have said it is incorrect".

It worries me that you:
i) are happy with potentially incorrect data to remain on IMDb even when the maker points it out, and
ii) are essentially forcing Eoin to tell you the budget of his film (or lie) when he probably did not intend to make it public....

EDIT: Sorry, forgot to add:
note: I am not staff nor in any way affiliated with IMDb
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