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I'm finally buckling down to making a movie watch/watched list.
There are a couple of features I kind of wish I had to play with. Daydreaming, is all. What do you think?

I keep running into this "The movie was a 7, but I hated it so I'll rate it a 5." Or "The movie was an 8, but I liked it so I'll rate it a 9" problem. Which is okay.
I just wonder if there's a way to rate its Quality separate from how much I liked it.
And I'd like to see stats on that kind of thing. How many people loved it vs liked it vs how good it actually was.
...not that I expect such a feature to actually be created.

I kind of envision something like a vertical mouse-over on the rating? With like 'thumbs up' or 'heart' symbols or whatnot?
                               ** Loved
                               * Liked
Stars: [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ]
                               x Disliked
                               xx Hated

Otherwise... I'd like to rate things by subject matter, or how well I thought they treated it.
For example, films centered around war or disabilities; I could say I love disabilities movies (like "I Am Sam" and "... and your name is Jonah") and I like war movies. I could also say I particularly loved how "Hacksaw Ridge" treated war as a subject. Or I could Put "Wolf of Wall Street" as a top-tier movie but say I hated its profanity content.
And the like.
And maybe then I could get some really relevant recommendations along the way.
Or, say, a parent could get up-front little tags on a movie's page to say "This movie has adult content you've listed as hated, so it might not be a movie for you." or "You'll really love this one based on its tags!"

Mainly so I don't list movies I hated on the same tier as movies I loved, that happen to end up with the same score.
But also because those kind of analytics would be cool to see. How many people like the treatise to civil rights this movie portrays? Etc.
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