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Since the Nov 6 and Dec 6 updates (Ratings and Lists, respectively), we've lost some functionality. Some of these were detailed in the Nov 6 announcement. Other things I'll list here may not have been features before.

  1. Display the date Rated to each title in List View, not only on the Ratings page, but on any List. (I'm also adding this to https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/view-list-enhancement-requests at #6.
  2. Additional Refinement for Ratings: Select by a range of values for my ratings. (Also added to View List enhancement requests at #4.4)
  3. Provide an easy way to create a list of recommended titles based on my Rating, genre, etc. Formerly that easy way was Compact View. Now we only have Advanced Title Search, and the fact that we have no easy way to load search results into a new list makes that a workaround, not a solution. It's possible that fulfilling #1 on the thread for ATS Enhancements will fulfill this request.
  4. Compact View for the Ratings page. I'll post details of what might be expected on such a Compact View as a Comment to this thread.
  5. If no Compact View is coming soon, the ability to Refine/Sort as we have now with custom lists would be useful.
  6. Page navigation that allows the viewer to jump from the current page to any page of the ratings. With custom lists, we can append *page=n to the URL (where * is either ? or & depending on whether other refinements have been added to the display criteria already); on the Ratings page, we have only Previous/Next. A URL hack is not the optimum solution. Clickable page numbers would be preferable, but with the ability to jump far ahead if 
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We have another thread dedicated to the specs for a replenished Compact View:
Item/comments there may also apply here.

I'll repeat the root of the thread here, but strike through the items not applicable to a Ratings page Compact View:
  1. One line per title, NO thumbnail image
  2. 250 titles on a page
  3. The Columns should be:
    1. Checkbox to select the title for copy/move/delete
    2. Position number, editable 
    3. Icon for description/comments of list creator. Mouseover would display those comments. Perhaps click on icon for pop-up edit window.
    4. Clickable icon for pop-up display of Showtimes/On TV/On Disc/View online (not there before, but desirable)
    5. Title (Year of release)
    6. Title type (movie, short, TV, game, etc.)
    7. IMDb rating
    8. My rating, editable
    9. Date of my rating?
    10. Date added to list?
    11. Director?
  4. Ability to Refine and Sort as we have now with View Mode.
  5. Ability to Move To, Copy To, Delete, Save List Order as we have now in Edit Mode.
  6. Drag/drop to change position (previously in prior Edit Mode, but Compact View could replace old and new Edit mode with this feature list. However, it might need to be a separate feature, depending on processing power needed, especially for so many titles on the same page.)