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Why can't my Watchlist be refined by titles available on Netflix? This has to be the most popular streaming content source! My Watchlist says that I have hundreds of titles available to stream, but almost all of them are available only as paid rentals. I'd like to know what's available in the service for which I've already paid!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Movie/show availability/price.

I was happy to see that when viewing a movie on IMDb it shows the availability and price through, but would it be possible to reach out to other platforms such as PSN, XBox Live, etc. to have multiple listings? While I am subscribed to Amazon Prime, I prefer not to buy digital content through them and prefer to only do so via PSN because of its availability across multiple platforms I own and the ability to view it while offline (since it’s downloaded onto the PS4/3’s HDD).
While I have no insight into any contracts, affiliation, or exclusivity deals with Amazon, I could see this as beneficial to IMDB through paid advertising/listing or “pay-per-click” purchased.
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Amazon owns IMDB, I guess you could call that an affiliation.
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Basically there are hundreds of prominent AV streaming applications, and none of their content catalogs are linked together. Right now, there isn't a website in all the world that has a catalog of movies, short movies and television episodes, whereby the focus of each catalog entry is the corresponding titled work's availability through various specific distributors. We're not there yet. I mean, society is not there yet. Roku is close, but it only tracks availability of works that can be streamed by a Roku unit, thus Sony PlayStation Network and Microsoft Xbox Live are excluded.

The main problem is that hardly any of these "on demand" "instant watch" streaming service companies provide public or obvious ways to download their entire catalogs of movies, short movies and television episodes, instead of (or in addition to) a mere query-processing interface. If they did, we could somewhat easily build a metacatalog. In some ways, it is not necessarily necessary to have access to the entire catalogs or listings, since the available APIs or otherwise-automated interfaces could be queried on a title-by-title basis using software that is logged into each network.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Need "where to watch" section and Flat Wide Layout Theme ASAP.

Hey guys,

1) I've been contributing on this website for years now. I've added every kind of information almost but I find the one thing missing to an otherwise perfect website is a section called where to watch.

What do I mean by this? You know how there is the TV schedule button that it shows when, say, shows or movies air next? I find there should just be a whole section where we can add all the websites that stream the title and where you can buy the title and on TV.

So it would look like this:

Streaming Websites:
link - Netflix
link - Crunchyroll
link - ...

On TV:
channel, date, time, episode

Where to Buy:

link - Amazon
link - Best buy
link - itunes
link - ...

Can someone pleaseee make this happen.

2) Also another suggestion I had was for the website to release a wide flat layout theme for the website. I hate how everything is in the center of the page. That would be great with all websites doing that nowadays anyways to have the whole page bandwith taken up by the elements on the website. Before anyone says it, yes there are secondary sites that do it. But it's glitchy and when the website updates the code interviens with the theme. The website needs to release an official theme option for it to be good.
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If there is something that can be watched on another website anonymously (without logging in) and is authorized by its copyright holder to be streamed or downloaded therefrom, then please add it to the video clips section of the External Sites listing of the corresponding IMDb title page.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled IMDB-Netflix.

It would be great to be able to connect your IMDB account to Netflix, so that you could see if any of the titles you have in your watchlist are available.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Linking streaming services to IMDb. AKA Where can I watch this online?.

Million dollar idea/Sponsorship
Is there a way to have a button or direct link to the the page that is currently stream the movie or show you are looking up on IMDb? If not it would be a great partnership for everyone. 
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I guess Amazon only wants to display links to Prime when the title is available there. Not other services.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How can I find out where content is streaming or available on cable, satellite or....

Could imdb track or show who the localised content owner is for a tv show or movie? Ie if a particular item is available via Netflix, Amazon Prime etc it would be good to see this listed beside the title.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Video/Cable/Streaming availability.

Does IMDb have a feature that allows you to view the network and/or streaming platforms on which a particular title may be available a la I understand Amazon would not want to advertise other services, but this would be an extremely helpful tool.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Listings on streaming services.

It would be great if there was a way to see which streaming service(s) offered the movie you're currently looking up.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Websites where films are available..

IMDb should really add a page for each film listing where users can leave information about where the film is available elsewhere on the Internet, either for DVD purchase or for online streaming purchase. 

I realize that is owned by Amazon and that is why most film listings on IMDb have a direct link to for online streaming purchase (Instant Video) and/or DVD purchase. That is, Amazon is pushing its products on another website that it apparently owns. There I have no surprise or objection, because it just makes sense. 


1) There are really A LOT of films that have an IMDb listing (page) that don't even have a direct link to Amazon, apparently because Amazon doesn't have that film available either on Instant Video or for DVD purchase. This might not be apparent to users who are primarily interested in contemporary American films, but being a user who is interested in classic (old) European films, I often come across IMDb pages for such films that are not even available at For such films, a page where I and other users could leave information regarding other websites where such films are available would be very useful . 

2) At a minimum charge of $2.99 per viewing, Amazon Instant Video is not a very economical way to go for an IMDb user who views a lot of films online. I myself subscribe to,, and where the monthly subscription fee for each site is only $7.99 per month. Also, I find some of the films listed at IMDb at and for no charge at all, that is they are FREE. Being a film fanatic who views a lot of films per month online, it is much more economical for me to pay 3 X $7.99, or sometimes nothing at all to watch most of the films that are also available at Amazon Instant Video at $2.99 per viewing, and I resort to only when the film that I want to view is not available elsewhere. 

3) Although I realize that such information about other websites where a film is available could be just as well posted on the message board of that respective film, most films have really a lot of message board postings and information about where that film is available would just "get lost". Furthermore, a specific page link on the main page of a movie listing would automatically attract users who might not otherwise think about it to add these other websites where the film is available. 

I feel that the fundamental question here is whether is REALLY a "user supported" website as it is purported to be, or is it REALLY just a marketing ploy for If it the former, then adding a page link on the main listing for a film where users could exchange information about where that film is available online besides is reasonable and a good idea. If it is the latter, then it would certainly be against the financial interest of IMDb's parent company,, to direct users to other websites and thereby drain potential revenues.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Google is providing all the sources to watch a movie... why do I need IMDb for no....

Google is providing all the sources to watch a movie... why do I need IMDb for now if it only provides Amazon as the only source to watch a movie/tv show????
I hate to say this but... Google and Bing defeated the purpose of IMDb... IMDb was my favorite app to discover new movies and tv shows, but now there is no reason to go to the app but my watch list right now... bye IMDb!!! You don’t even allow your users give you feedback using the app, so I’m posting this here... probably no one will read it, but just ranting... :)
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IMDb is essentially a data repository, not a streaming platform. And no competition can match its span and level of details.
Moreover, it is much more powerful through a webbrowser rather than on an app, which cannot render all its functions.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Feature Suggestion: Release info.

I would like to know how/where to see a title. Sometimes I can see that it was produced by Amazon Studios or Netflix, but other times... no info. Noting Theatrical Release, Station Exclusive (with the station noted) or Amazon Original, Netflix Original, etc. would be so helpful!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled More Ways to watch than Amazon prime.

I think that the "ways to watch" section included multiple streaming sources, not just Prime. Am I correct? If yes, why did this change? Can anyone recommend a different source that compiles this information? Like Roku + IMDB
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If it changed, it was likely because Amazon bought IMDB years ago (and use its data extensively inside their "x-ray" feature), hence other services don't appear there accordingly. 

Most agree it's a pain in the backside, and AFAIK there's no decent service that can offer a mixed services alternative. 

To a degree, Apple TV's "TV" app can show which services have each title available via stream/rent/buy, but it's not very streamlined IMO. 

There's also these two online resources, but dunno how reliable they are: (international - e.g. UK ) (US only?)