Reporting Hate Speech Is Too Hard

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Why is it impossible to report inappropriate posts on this site?  This looks way too much like hate speech to me but I 'can't find anywhere to complain.  Doesn't Amazon own this site?

------Posted on this site for all to follow----sad

Adolf Hitler the greatest story never told!28 January 2017
Thank you for telling the truth to the world my dear friend. The tears came through my eyes when I watched the millions of German deaths and listened to the song " Snow Fell" by Saga. Truly an extraordinary work. My appeal to this world will be only that we all must take a stand for our nation as our Fuehrer did for Germany. Throw out this stupid system of Democracy who always have dumb masses of people behind it. And it's my appeal to all of my friends, to understand the poisonous Jewish Press and to see their destructiveness to one's own nation. How can we really accept these Jewish Gangsters in our nations? One thing is for sure: If we all are thankful to God that we are borned as a Human Race, then we must also respect his orders by completely destroying the enemies of Human Race i.e. The Jews. The Jews always take a guard against the Civilized Nations. Consider the behaviour of Jews towards Non Jews. Are they really chosen people?
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Posted 2 months ago

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When a society silences any speech, it becomes what it despises in the first place. A totalitarian society. Speech of that type can only be hate when one acts on it. Otherwise it is just words.
This country was founded on hate speech. We fought a War for Independence based on a perceived hate. A correctly placed hate. Misplaced hate is wrong. An act is hate. Speech is opinion. Speech is not an act. If society is given a well balanced  education, it will read or hear such words and not act upon its utterance based on the quality of the populaces combined intelligence. So this rhetoric and indoctrination to call a particular form of speech as hate speech is absurd. One could argue that your attempt to silence speech in any form or what any group determines is hateful will result in a fundamental breakdown of a society. You cannot expect to force anyone or any publication to ban speech of any type simply because you and a particular group find it "Hateful".
I don't like what it says either. But I am smart enough to recognize it for what it is as will the majority that read it. Banning words will not fix the problem you seek to address. Banning poor education will.
And that is the education that is taught in the home and in our public schools and most especially in our severely broken higher educational institutions.

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First, Ed is correct in his points, but I also agree that not just the review you linked but several others that I scanned simply depress me. It's a shame that so long after WW2 and the progress that has been made that there are a small # (so small that I wouldn't even call it a minority) of people that believe such things.

There are so many things that come to my mind that I 'd like to say, but I'll suffice it to say that people have the right unfortunately to be stupid and ignorant. I recently watched a special that interviewed former SS members and while some had changed, there were a number that still believed all that hateful things from that time.

My Grandfathers fought in WW2, and that drove me to enlist at 17 so I could do my part which led me to fight against what many called the 2nd Hitler. Unfortunately history repeats when we forget. Look at Russia which with Putin being a small step short of Stalin, who was a butcher as much as Hitler and unfortunately many people don't know of his atrocities.

So let those ignorant people say what they will, and if that makes others learn, then maybe we can stop the cycle of history. Unfortunately I see some of today's youth and I'm disgusted by some and saddened. I try to impact positively where I can, be watchful of those I can't, and pray every day that the world will become smarter.

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This is clearly hate speech, and to the best of my knowledge would be illegal in Germany as it should be here too.
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.... we must also respect his orders by completely destroying the enemies of Human Race i.e. The Jews. 

I don't give a damn about "hate speech," but the review may qualify for deletion because of this call to violence. I believe that's illegal even in the U.S.
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I missed that probably because once I saw the theme I went into scan mode. I'm no lawyer, and don't even play one on tv, but speech can go pretty far advocating quite a bit and be protected - don't know where this would fit. In Germany their laws on nazi speech are pretty strict but it doesn't appear the title was made there which was actually the first thing I looked at.

Unfortunately there were over 200 other reviews if I remember correctly that were pretty similar and removing one likely will do little. unfortunately not knowing the reviewer's name now means can't see his other reviews (didn't think to look at them) and what more may have been said that possibly went even further.

I have to wonder how many other reviews of those 200 or so may have similar language? I'd look but it'd just depress me.
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Thank you for the report, we have removed the review from the title now as it contravenes our policies.

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I didn't realize it was hard to report this kind of stuff.