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Please refer to Update 170616-190554-172000.

I'm not sure whether to post this request here or through the Help Desk. But this type of request was done in the past through the now defunct Contributors' Help Board. So I'll I try here, for now.

The name of the ship is correctly transliterated with an 'e', not a 'yo'. That's how it appears on screen. It was in the IMDb incorrectly for several years. I corrected it back in December 2013 (Update 131202-162554-396000), after which, according The WayBack Machine, it remained correct until at least October 2016.

This common error in transliteration is caused by the fact that, though pronounced differently when spoken, in written Russian the Cyrillic 'е' is considered equivalent to the Cyrillic 'ё', and is often substituted for it. The Cyrillic 'е' is pronounced something like 'ye', but is transliterated using IMDb rules with an 'e'. The Cyrillic 'ё' (which looks for all the world like a German umlauted 'ë'), is pronounced and transliterated 'yo'.

You should note that although the name of the ship appears on screen with an 'e', it is correctly pronounced with a 'yo'. Although English-speakers should feel right at home with the idea that a word might not be pronounced the way it's spelled, this still causes some issues for Russian-speakers. Should it be transliterated as written or as pronounced? This was discussed in detail in the Contributors' Help Board in a now deleted thread back in February 2009, and IMDb Manager Jon Reeves made it very clear that, regardless of how pronounced, the Cyrillic 'е' and 'ё' should be transliterated as they appear on screen. (And he further added that Cyrillic AKAs should be entered as they appear on screen, as well).

The contributor who changed it does not understand that the "as on screen" rule for titles applies to the transliteration of Cyrillic 'е' and 'ё'. It is highly likely that others will make the same mistake. Therefore, will you please lock the title. It's correct as it is.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi motley-moth -

I just checked the title and your correction of "Bronenosets Potemkin" for the original title has processed and is live on the site, see here.  I have also taken additional steps to ensure that the original title remains as-is.  Cheers!