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Yet again another review has been randomly declined, I have over 1k reviews on my profile and this is only now suddenly becoming a problem.

I am not breaching any rules, there is no questionable content, there are no swear words, this is getting ridiculous.

Recently I had reviews declined and I assumed that the word "Bastard" caused it on one and "Nazi" on the other. The concept of not being able to use words like this is preposterous, I can't use the word Nazi in a review about a Nazi themed movie? Or Bastard in its true definition?

Thankfully these were fixed but now just a couple of weeks later I'm back again and this time there are no words that could possibly get flagged (Unless titular is considered bad, wouldn't surprise me at this stage).

I really don't want to come back here every few reviews to have this looked at as I contribute several times daily. Can someone kindly address what the problem is and why it's suddenly an issue?

Thanks in advance.

My profile:
Original review: Contribution #181120-230109-328904

Review has been tweeked and re-added but the delay suggests its not going to published either

Edit: It was also declined. Seriously, what's going on here?
Edit again: One of them seems to have been published. If someone pushed it through then much appreciated. Though I would still like an explanation why this keeps happening.

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Posted 5 months ago

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The reasons for reviews being rejected are quite vague, and I agree that IMDb seems to have become overly sensitive and inconsistent in rejecting reviews for supposed naughty words.  I've also recently had reviews rejected or altered for variations of "bastard," as well as seemingly innocuous ones such as "genitals" or a phrase along the lines of "pawing at each other."

On the other hand, other rejections are warranted.  I had another review rejected for, I assume, being too political.  I initially thought that was BS, but I ended up rewriting what I think is a better review, so it worked out.

I still have reviews on this site that are over 14 years old, and I don't recall ever having had a review altered or rejected until 2018, but now I've had a few, so something seems to have changed on IMDb's end.  Yet, ironically, there are more "reviews" on the site that say nothing of interest or relevance in postings that often aren't even a complete sentence in length.  Many of them obviously were never read by IMDb staff before being approved.
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I am hardly interested by reviews on the website, but by just monitoring GS, I can confirm there has obviously been a change in the editorial policy in the past months. And this impacts also long published reviews.
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Yes, I've noticed that.  For instance, an old review on the "The Other Side of the Wind," which reviewed clips of the film shown years ago before a "complete" picture was edited for release on Netflix was removed.  I don't think that's right.  I've also reviewed incomplete films, and I would find it displeasing if IMDb removes those comments in the future if someone releases a "more complete" print of the picture.