Review deleted for abuse? Over 400 people agreed with me

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I may have been a bit harsh, but the review was approved and was upvoted by over 400 people now it's deleted because one user complained, so what should I do now? Because it was a negative review I should complain to every positive review so they get deleted too? user: dom_ti2000 ...seems legit, I wouldn't want 1-star reviews on the first page of my movie on IMDB, report everybody !!!
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Cristi Dumitrascu

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Posted 3 years ago

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David Traversa

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Hi Cristi!
                Reading your complain reminded me of my case, very similar to yours.
Some anonymous person deleted three or four times different reviews of mine.
I never knew why in any of the cases and found that "freedom of the press" doesn't
seem to be the forte in IMDb.
It is not fair that because ONE PERSON doesn't like something you wrote  they have
to eliminate your review.
And on top of the aggravation they don't even bother to explain to you WHY they took
that decision. 
America, the most democratic country in the whole world...
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Other users can report reviews which violate the guidelines, please see and then IMDb will remove the review if a violation has occurred.  If you believe that a review has been deleted in error, please provide the details here and we will investigate. 

The problem as stated above suggests you believe that every user on IMDb has a delete button which can arbitrarily remove any review, whereas this is not the case. 
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Mr. Needham, you seem to speak 'sarcasm' fluently as well, I can appreciate that,  however, the issue here is that I use to trust IMDB ..I'm a user for almost 10 years and after this, I'm not sure. My review title is "Ridley, it's time to retire" on the movie Alien: Covenant and I would like to see it back there with all the upvotes, it was on the first page. The thing is if I load a cached page of the user reviews for that movie, before the deletion of my review, they were 80% negative on the first page, now big surprise 80% positive. Hmmmm seems like outside interference to me, you don't mind if I share this to some online publications, do you? For me this seems like a pretty good way to become irrelevant.
Have a nice day
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I have no idea about whether or not the deletion of your review was justified, but I doubt very much that IMDB has an agenda about promoting certain movies on the expense of others. If nothing else, give them enough credit to assume that if they were trying to fix the reviews to make certain movies look better, they'd be smart enough to do it more subtly. ;)
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Movie critics have always been harsh to certain movies (Ridley should know since they even trashed Blade Runner back in the days). The difference with critics and movie "fans/nerds" today is that critics usually know where to draw the line. They don't ask anyone to stop making films, retire or go away from the movie industry. They may dislike the film, but they don't "hate" it nor hate the director. Fans/nerds tend to hate the film, director and eventually all the people who dare to like the film.

So be smart and write a smart review. Don't hate and don't judge. I doubt it's removed from any site.
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Hi Cristi,

I've taken a look at your review and it breaches the guidelines outlined here and as such was removed from the site.

You are entitled to write a negative review of the film but please do so within the guidelines.

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If you pick any random movie there are much worse reviews, the guidelines are broken and so is imdb.  Enjoy being irrelevant.
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"Review Scores Ruined by Butthurt "Fans": Watch and Judge for Yourself!"

Good to know this is allowed ...can you be more obvious? 
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My next review is gonna be "Butthurt filmmakers pay IMDB to trim down negative reviews!"