So i just got an email about uncredited character credits

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What the hell imdb for years people like Bill Finger and Steve Ditko have gone un noticed in the comic book world whilst rich people like Bob Kane and Stan Lee (rip) have enjoyed sucess. People like me go along and try to correct history by saying who created what characters and suddenly its no good for you.
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... people like Bill Finger and Steve Ditko ...
by Daniel Ross Dudley
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Bill Finger (II) (1914–1974)
Bill Finger was a comic book writer
He came up with a civilian identity for the character as "Bruce Wayne",
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Steve Ditko (1927–2018)

Had a long running feud with Stan Lee
because he believed Stan was claiming to be the sole creator of Spider-Man.
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Bob Kane (I) (1915–1998)
Created the comic superhero Batman in May 1939,
along with the writer Bill Finger
who went uncredited in his role of co-creator until the year 2016.
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Stan Lee (I) (1922–2018)
He is credited as creating the Marvel Comics characters in the 1960s

Died the same year as Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko.
Whilst Stan Lee's death was highly publicized by the press Steve Ditko's death was barley noticed.
A similar thing happened between Batman co-creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

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Every time I add the credits of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
to include "based on Marvel's "X-Men" Comics"
to IMDB's X-Men: The Animated Series page it gets rejected and I have no idea why.
Posted Sep 26 2018
by  Daniel Ross Dudley
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Apparently it is too complicated, perhaps too much of something of a kerfuffle, to have their uncredted work represented on their respective IMDb filmographies.
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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your post.

Can you please provide a submission reference for the contributions you've made and an editor can look into this further for you.

Please also keep in mind our recently updated policy here:

Which now states:

"We will no longer be accepting any uncredited "characters created by" credits on any title adapted from an existing source. The complexities and ambiguities in the creative process across writers involved in the genesis and the specific version of a character that appears in any adaptation means that it is not feasible to accurately represent their individual input. Please note that this policy does not impact credited "characters created by" credits, we will continue to list any "characters created by" credits that are credited on screen."

Thanks for understanding. 

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Uncredited Writer "Characters Created By" Policy Change
Posted Friday, December 7, 2018
by Will, Official Rep
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I can certainly agree with that partially: average movie based on comic books has characters created by at least 30 people and that should be acknowledged somewhere. 

The problem is that same standard (at times) downright clutters filmographies of some people. Wes Craven's writer filmography is the largest of his because it features every single fan film which used his characters (usually one character). 

In my humble opinion character creation credits should be listed but likely should have their own category of some sort, or moved to a category which will be less cluttered by that, unlike "writer" one.