Someone Is Going Through My Contributions And Editing Them

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This is related to a problem I brought up awhile back here ( where a user was adding all female news personality credits as "Herself - Hostess" or "Herself - Co-Hostess" when that is not a real term and it should be Himself - Host or Herself - Host regardless of gender.

This was seen on Fox News shows mostly, but a few other programs like Megyn Kelly Today.

In the last few weeks I have seen that someone is going through old CNN and MSNBC databases and changing all Herself - Host titles to Herself - Hostess, after IMDB users agreed in the previous thread that I was in the right.

This was recently seen on a non-news show The Four: Battle for Stardom where I had added the 6 episodes and Fergie as the host and they were eventually changed to Herself - Hostess.

What is more perplexing that the user or robot making these edits is not contributing anything else. If there is a show I update such as MTP Daily they won't add missing episodes or add the cast if I don't, they just go in and change the credited name from Herself - Host to Herself - Hostess.

I mentioned that this happened primarily on Fox News shows. Whoever is making these updates is not even aware of how these shows work because their primetime lineup airs original episodes Monday - Friday, but if you go through some of the databases like Hannity, The Five etc. you will see episodes created for all seven days with the hosts already added (and never updated when the host takes the night off.)

I love helping out on this site, but it is weird to see someone go through all the edits I made and erase my work. :)
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hello, Kevin. 

I doubt this person is following you and your work specifically - it might just be that someone is casually re-checking the pages he interested in and corrects what he thinks is wrong. While actually the person is wrong herself or himself, at least in the things you have mentioned. Unless you have a public IMDb list of titles you've corrected or added. 

Anyhow, it is a serious problem, which probably requires IMDb staff to interfere. 
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Hi Nikolay,

Thank you for responding so quickly.

Kate Bolduan's IMDB page is an example.

She hosts a weekday show on CNN called At This Hour that is one I try to update every day.

She has 263 credits for that show. These were changed from Herself - Host to Herself - Hostess by this user. I did a mass edit from her page to change them back to Host, and now you can see that they are back to Hostess.

Katy Tur is another person. I do not watch MSNBC that often, so she clearly has hosted MSNBC Live more than 11 times and MTP Daily more than 37, but that is how many credits are currently there. This user went into the page, edited them all to Hostess, and after I changed them back, went back in and changed them back to Hostess.

There is no way it is random because as I said they are adding her as Hostess to any episodes she should be credited but isn't, but is just changing the ones I updated.
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Kevin: I have given you a "me too" vote because I support your designating female TV hosts as "Herself - Host" rather than "Herself - Hostess". 
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Lol, I completely support the movement and will take your compliment, but it's not even about that.

Hostess is not a term used anywhere. I watch a lot of UK and Australian TV and it's not used there either, so it's not like it is an international thing. I don't know where this person is getting this word from.

The only time I have heard hostess is at a restaurant.
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It could be some kind of conflict in the data submitted. I've asked questions about my changes not taking place or reverting. I was told that happens when conflicting data is submitted (i.e. you and someone else submits similar but not the same info.)
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Hopefully that's the case as I would hate to have to go through it and make the updates again.
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Hi Kevin -

I replied to your older thread here, however, I will keep this thread active as it is your most recent report regarding these inaccurate character names.  I have filed a ticket for our editors to review and clean-up, I have also noted all the related comments on this thread.  Once the clean-up has been completed we will let you know here.
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Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reporting. I've spoken to the users responsible clarifying that IMDb would prefer the use of the term Host as opposed to Hostess and those name pages have been edited.