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There are an awful lot of lists along the lines of "Film what I watched", "Stuff to download" (which must be rather galling for film-makers), "My DVD collection", etc. (I have similar lists but keep them private because no one is going to be interested) which are nice to for the person and their nosy friends but of very limited interest to the vast majority of visitors. The ones that could be of general use (like "Best Christmas films" on say "It's a Wonderful Life" - made up example but I'm sure some digging could find some prime examples of this), tend to get buried.

It feels like the related lists need better sorting to separate the signal from the noise and tracking who clicked on from the related lists seems the best measure of a lists relevance to a particular film, rather than trying to concoct some complex algorithm for relevance. However, I'd be even happier if there were a few options that you could use to sort the page (I suppose you could also sort by popularity - either by total visits or by the last 3 days worth, this might favour the larger lists but would also tend to push the personal lists down the page).
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We are agreed on the need -- the mechanism is up to IMDB. I thought a ranking system similar to that used for films might provide the fastest results (first person who sees it gives it 1 star or 9 stars would provide a quick sort).
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Yep. My only concern about the only sorting coming from ratings (or even the default sorting if there are more) would be that it'd encourage people to game the system, especially as for most lists, only a few votes would get you onto a film's main page.

After I posted this, someone suggested rating lists, and I've expanded on those thoughts on that thread:
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The noise to signal ratio for lists is extremely high. I just looked at and the percentage of lists along the lines you mention well exceeded 95%.

Two simple metrics that could measure popularity without favoring large lists would be:
1) Total_Visits / max (Number_of_Items_In_List, 1)
2) Number_of_Visits_in_Last_3_days / max (Number_of_Items_In_List, 1)

Note: The max function is there to prevent division by zero.

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