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When you browse the cast list on for example a TV show, you get shown the amount of episodes an actor has participated in. I think this should be hidden by default since it spoils which character has quit/died, especially if the TV show has multiple seasons and you are looking up a lead actor.

Below attached proposal how it could looke like, as is today and with hidden by default:

In addition, this could be something that you can set up yourself on your profile.

Best regards,
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Oskar Gillberg,

There are a few other people who expressed concern that a television episode is spoiled because the number of episodes are available for regular and guest cast. Here is one example:

Actors and actresses, and crew members may receive onscreen credit for episodes in which they do not appear. So the number of appearances may not be a reliable indicator whether a character survives a life threatening situation.

Your suggestion looks sound. However, there are some considerations that the IMDb technical staff would have to address in implementing what you suggest.
  • What should the default behavior be? My preference would be to display the number of appearances. You and other people would prefer that they would be hidden.
  • Should this be a user selectable feature that can be selected on the user's Site Preferences page (https://secure.imdb.com/register-imdb/siteprefs)? If this feature were to become available, I would like to be able to turn off the feature. Other people may prefer that it stay on and  others may not care. The IMDb technical staff will need to balance the additional complexity versus the added functionality.
IMDb cannot implement all of the ideas suggested on the IMDb Get Satisfaction site. They will tend to pay more attention to coherent ideas, such as yours, with a lot of support and which do no require significant development. However, even ideas with a lot of support may be infeasible to implement.

You may wish to ask your friends and colleagues to click the like button for this idea. You may also wish to promote your idea via social media. There are links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ plus and other social media sites.
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I assume the greater mass of users using IMDb is not logged in users, therefor the setting on the user profile to hide/show by default would not solve the problem.

However, I guess that you can store this information in your browser cookies, so as an addition to the user profile settings, this could be stored according to what the "not-logged-in-user" has selected before.

If you implemented such a solution, I still believe that the cast list should be hidden by default. If someone wants to see it, they can easilly click "Show", whereas if the cast list would be shown by default (as today), it is too late to hide when you have already seen what you did not want to see.

I appreciate you guys taking time to review feedback being posted here. I am sure that there are alot of functional as well as technical restrictions you have to consider before implementing such a change, but it is clear that there is a wish not only from me that this would be a great feature.

Best regards,
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Oskar, the episode listing is not accurate so it doesn't even matter. They are not listing how many episodes the actor appeared in the show. They are listing how many episodes his name appears on the screen - whether he's been in the episode or not. So it is not a spoiler, it's inaccurate information that needs to be fixed.
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I appreciate that the IMDB staff see that this can be an important issue for users. I also understand the indecision over how to display the episode numbers. As someone who advocates for the display of total episode numbers by the actors name in his/her resume, not just the first page of the season for THAT season, I also understand the "spoiler" issue. I want this information to be available and I have absolutely no problem with having to click or hover to see it. You can never satisfy everybody, but maybe a poll on this issue? I use the iOS app almost exclusively.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled IMDB needs a more spoiler-free way to look up a show.

I always fear looking up longer running TV shows that I've just started to watch, because the # of episodes and years an actor is in a show always spoils for me that a character dies off. I want IMDB to have a "safe viewing" option that would hide these things, so I can still look up who plays a certain character without having these things ruined for me.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Number of Episodes.

Hello, I'm seeing Prison Break and I see the numbers of episodes that some characters do. So, for example Veronica Donovan (Robin Tunney) has 23 episodes, so I assume that she died. My suggestion is to remove the information of the number of episodes from the cast. Thank you
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Spoiler function when you are scrolling through the cast in a tv-show..

I don't know if it exists already, in that case, I can't find it, haha! But it would be great with some kind of spoiler button when you are scrolling through the cast in a tv-show. I'm thinking about how many episodes a certain actor has appeared in.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled A thought on how to avoid spoilers while still checking things up on IMDB..

Sometimes you start watching a show not in the year it was aired while it is still on, and if you want to check something on IMDB you might get spoilers:
If you click on a character's filmography, you immediately see if he was on that show THIS year, the year he was last on the show and for how many episodes. So you know for sure that that character might be out of the show, or that he is still alive. For some shows that's a major spoiler!
So it happens to me A LOT that I don't check something on IMDB until I finish watching all aired episodes, which is a shame.
A thought.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled hide the number of episodes of casts.

I'm always checking the cast and other informations of series before I watch them. Sometimes this causes me seeing accidentally number of episodes each actor/actress took role which gives me a clue about which character dies/quits when. Curiousity and uncertainity, making the series more exited, disappears. I'd appreciate seeing them as optional in the series pages( like show/hide and hide as default). 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled spoiler in number of episodes a person is in.

So I watched a show that was the first ever episode, there havent been any more aired yet. There was someone i recognised and i wondered what else they had been in, so i came on here. it showed how many episodes that person had been in and it was the same with the rest of the people, because of this, it completely spoiled a huge part of that episode. please find a way to hide it from automatically being viewed. someone has already suggested the idea of maybe use a mouse over function. im really disappointed in this
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Cast episodes number is still a series spoiler from IMDB.

I think there should be a mouse over option to show the episodes number on each actor on series or something like that to prevent spoilers. This issue has been discussed again but hasn't been fixed - solved yet. Thanks a lot for your time imdb team, great work in everything!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Cast episode numbers is a spoiler - use mouse over instead.

On the pages for tv series, I think there should be a mouse over function for the number of episodes a cast member appears in rather than having them all displayed. On a number of occasions I have looked at the imdb page for a show I am still watching, and had a spoiler when I saw a main character was in a lot less episodes than everyone else. You know something is going to happen to them.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Don't allow ANY episode summary info on upcoming episodes of TV serial-type show....

Just don't allow ANY posting information on upcoming episodes of SERIAL type shows like "24."  To avoid spoilers is the reason.  For example, this season of "24" has 12 episodes total.  Episode #11 is being shown tonight.  I looked at the episode list, and see an unbelievable summary of episode #12 that tells everything -- I hope it is bogus.

It's OK to list the upcoming episode title and number.
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^ Note that the time-stamp on the above reply is not accurate. The reply was merged here from another thread. Unfortunately, the merging process creates a new timestamp, even though the original reply is much older.

That reply was originally posted in July 2014. That explains the reference to the 24: Live Another Day  series which was airing at that time. Someone had posted a bogus spoiler summary, which was later removed.

In his last reply in the original thread in July 2014, responding to someone's comments regarding his suggestion, Robert clarified:
I would simply say AT LEAST this RULE: for SERIAL TYPE SHOWS just give the title, episode # and air time up to the FULL DAY IT FIRST AIRS anywhere.  That is for the IMDb episode and schedule pages. . .... For the Message Board you can only encourage discretion and courtesy and warnings regarding spoilers -- self-policed.
I'm going to disagree (slightly) with the suggestion to prohibit pre-air summaries. I think it is OK to post an "official" summary (provided by a network) before an episode airs, if care is taken to make sure that the official pre-air summary appears to be free of spoilers.

For example, in the mentioned instance (24: Live Another Day), IIRC, a prankster had posted a bogus spoiler summary for the final episode before it aired. On request IMDb removed the bogus spoiler summary. Subsequently, before the episode aired, IMDb posted the official (spoiler-free) summary provided by the Fox network. (That official summary is still displayed up to now.) IMO, it is acceptable to display an official summary before airing, provided that care is taken to verify that the official summary is free of any obvious spoilers.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Episode Numbers under Actor's movies.

PLEASE, PLEASE remove the episode number under an actor's movies... you don't have to completely remove it, but make it hidden until clicked.  Some times when I'm watching a TV show, I go look at the actors and see who the person is... and if they have an episode count, it ruins the show for me as it pretty much tells me that person's character isn't going to be on the show for that long.  It's essentially spoiling the show.

This episode count shows up in two places... on mobile it's right there next to the years the show was made.  On the web, it actually is imbedded in the "Show all # Episodes" ...since the system only automatically shows a few episodes, this expands to show all of them.
Anyway, maybe this doesn't bother a lot of people, but I hate it.  I pretty much know when someone is going to be killed off if their episode count 3 and I'm watching them in the 3rd episode.

Obviously this more about watching older TV shows, where the main actors may have 50, 100, 200 episodes... but then character "X" has 3.
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Hi just want to say I support this idea. Just make it so the episode number per actor is not visible on the main page of the show at all or only visible when you click an option.
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There is a minor problem with the suggestion. IMDb orders the Series Cast by # of Episodes, so even if the number is hidden, a user might gain an idea of the relative number and therefore know that the person is not there for the entire series.
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In that case give users the option to change how the list is displayed. (ie. the option to do it alphabetically) and save the change in their personal settings.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Cast details on tv show.

Is it possible NOT to show how many episode each actors acted in the tv series ? If you show how many episodes/year each actor is acted then it will major spoiler for the users who will be watching the show. They will know exactly when something will happen to the actor.

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