STarMeter low (Skewed and never allowed to regain true accuracy)

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I am convinced my star meter is being skewed back by the algorithm system. Can someone please check? I stopped using a PR company which helped boost all online services back in June 16 2013 and since then I was punished by a massive drop and I have never managed to regain my original status. I used this PR service with no idea I would be punished for using them. However for more that 2 years now I have been without. I have since starred as "leads" and billed high up with numerous world wide released films. I also have a theatrical coming up in the USA. I ask that any filter be removed and if my starmeter has been pulled back that it be allowed to be calculated correctly with no PR company aiding me now since 2013 June. 
I do not believe I am wasting your time.

Thank you for your precious time. 
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You need to realize that the star meter does not use historical data for its current ratings. This weeks star meter is based on current visits to your page, not historical visits from years ago.

The reason you have seen a massive drop is because your PR company was likely driving traffic to your page by actually promoting you or because they were paying companies to create fake traffic to your page to fake your star meter ratings.

While paying for traffic to your page will temporarily boost your star rating with essentially a false high reading, that number will drop the moment traffic is no longer being driven to your page.

Only the biggest stars in the world manage to have a consistent star meter rating from week to week because they honestly have that much traffic being driven to their pages due to popularity.

Everyone else will see massive changes. Perhaps you were part of a show this week and some news article pushes you up a few million ratings on the star meter? Well if no one remembers you next week: welcome to the bottom of the list.

The star meter is a 1 for 1 accurate placement of who gets the most traffic "currently". That means if you are number 1000 on the list, no other person on the entire planet is also rated at number 1000. The person with slightly more traffic is going to be 999 and the person with slightly less traffic is going to be star meter 1001

So if there are 6 million people being rated by star meter you are going to be placed on that list based on the actual traffic to your page "currently", not based on your past history

I think the biggest mistake people make when looking at star meter is to think it actually "is" a meter, its technically a list and not a ratings system and since each number on the list can only be occupied by one person on the list you will go up and down by several million spots simply by being more or less popular from week to week

You can find articles relating to this fairly easily, I suggest reading this one:

No one is singling you out for punishment in star meter, you just aren't having as much traffic driven to your page as you would like; and star meter is never going to reflect anything but "current" traffic in relation to everyone else with a name page on IMDB
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Hello Vincent 

First of, thank you of taking the time to write such a detailed response. 

I carefully read your suggested articles. I have to say though that after studying it I still think of being listed lower than I should. Take last week for instance. I was listed in 4 news articles belonging to the IMDB Newsdesk, all linked to IMDB, around possibly another 20 film websites all generating traffic. My past films still concorde a hovering level as well as present, yet I can find featured extras who command a higher position. It doesn't make sense and I do feel that since Starmeter changed its algorithms and adjusted everyone who were paying a PR company to as you say probably give your page more hits or as they advertise draw traffic to your page, I was never allowed to rise back to where I was no matter how much more I have worked or how many IMDB news desk articles are linked. Wether they have "muffled" my hits or traffic now I do not know however I do consider myself a working actor and theoretically should be within the top 15k as your article suggests. I also have been told that producer credits harm a starmeter rating, something that I feel is unjust. 

Anyway, possibly not a lot you can do to enquire, however I still wanted to thank you for the time taken and the continuing support given by IMDB. 


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