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I don't quite know what's going on, but several of the responses to submissions I'm getting make no sense.

Items "pending" that never change, that are neither approved nor rejected, despite editors being caught up to that date long ago. Items that are "approved" but clearly the change has not happened. Items rapidly responded to with "needs attention" and the description requests "verification" when such verification was included in the explanatory box.

When the "pending" items are resubmitted, the response is another "pending" which never changes, long after the estimate processing date, or no estimated processing date is ever given.

When "approved" items that haven't changed the page are submitted anew, they are quickly "declined" with the reason "duplicate" submission, telling me the previous submission is still pending (when it clearly STILL says "approved").

When "needs attention" responses are resubmitted, with the same or more of the exact "verification" requested, they are quickly rejected again with the same "needs attention" and the same dummy phrase "unable to verify" requesting the same verification that was already submitted.

I've also noticed 2 of my submissions that were "declined" but the changes were made!

Most of my submissions with these responses are title text changes, title type changes, title merges, cleanups after a successful merge. I've described most of them in other threads I've started here on GetSatisfaction; you can look there for details.

Goofs are about the only submissions now where I get an accurate, though undesirable, response: always a "declined". Other corrections and additions were approved before, recently, but now every submission is going haywire.

What's going on? It's like editors are just pushing response buttons at random.
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Posted 1 week ago

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I've certainly read several posts here on GS describing what you say. I hope IMDb staff will research the general problem, especially with infinitely pending contributions. They could probably use the 18-digit contribution numbers of those to help their research.

If you have other specifics for IMDb to chase down, you can either post the 18-digit contribution numbers here, or use the help desk form:
I would use the form, and send each issue (not necessarily each contribution) as a separate contact. Be prepared that the first response might be boilerplate, and that you'll need to reply to it.
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So I noticed. ;-/ I emailed about the infinitely pending issue, but the response though wasn't exactly boilerplate (or was it?): it was an "unable to verify" response. This is in help desk email, not regular submission. I am beginning to see the "unable to verify" response to our regular submissions as the standard boilerplate for them.
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Hi Gary,

Thanks for your post and sorry to hear that you have been receiving an inconsistent experience. As bederoes suggests, the best thing you can do is to contact us via the contact form with your 18-digit submission references. That way someone can investigate these individual cases and determine what the cause of the misleading messaging is.

Many thanks again.

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What's going on? It's like editors are just pushing response buttons at random.

I feel exactly same, I can only get something approved after submitting it 10x times and then contacting via mail a few times. I provide all the clear proofs and explanations and it's like nobody is reading them.
Even the smallest changes are getting same treatment. For example I'm trying to fix an obvious wrong attribute in a title name, it's obvious because it says transliteration but you can't do transliteration from that language to English, that's against the definition of transliteration, I explain all of this and give official sites to check official names etc.. and it gets declined instantly "unable to verify". You just need to open a dictionary and look the definition of transliteration to verify that but no. Then I send a mail from Contact us and they say ok we fixed it, so editor who declined it didn't read it at all it seems, or just pressed some random buttons like you say. Pressing random buttons all day must be a fun way to get paid.