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According to the IMDb, these locations are among the leading places where feature movies are filmed throughout the world.
From this selection, which one is your favorite cinematic location?
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Posted 3 years ago

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No, that's Tom Cruise. Most people wouldn't know that was Prague, it just looks like some buildings.

I had realized that IMDb was sorely lacking in good photos for many entries but it was really apparent when looking around for good photos for this suggestion.

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I would use "cinematic" as suggested by rubyfruit. "Cinematographic" seems to be used mostly about camera technology.
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Changed the Munich image and the term for cinematic.


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Just came here after the weekend off, glad to see this is live.

I want to thank everyone for the help, as this has been without a doubt my most collaborative poll ever done.

Special thanks to Urbanemovies and Jen for the constant feedback.

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That's kind of the problem with my city in England...except all the towns are officially part of the city itself!

My city is Bradford aka The Worlds First UNESCO City of Film but there's loads of films, TV shows and locations missing from IMDB, loads the films, TV shows and locations missing from the cities multiple official film/tourism websites, and there's loads more films, and TV show which are listed on websites like Wikipedia and IMDB that don't even mention the city which contains the building/street/address/village/neighbourhood/ward/town. 

We became UNESCO's first Film City for a whole host of reasons which are too long for me to go into.

We're the forgotten city. We're the 7th (6th until 2015) biggest city in the UK, yet we rarely get mentioned by the MSM, even when the majority of the filming for a film/TV show was done here. We're forgotten in every other field too, unless it's a crime story, then they'll have BRADFORD in big capital letters.

We're not necessarily a major city for feature films, however there's always something being filmed for TV, whether that's a drama TV series, a comedy TV series, an entertainment TV show, or a TV film.

Last month alone we had a BBC/HBO drama, an ITV drama, a Channel 4 drama, and 2 Channel 5 entertainment shows filming in the same week. And have had approximately 13 films/TV shows shot here this year so far, and had approximately 10 films/TV shows shot here last year. That's what I know from what has been reported on, but many aren't reported on by the MSM or are missed by the 'City of Film' team, especially when they aren't shot in the city centre. One example is one of those shows by Channel 5, which I wouldn't have known was happening as none of the official sources mentioned it. I just happened to stumble across them setting up the equipment for the show, which I might even be appearing on (although they still haven't sent me an email to confirm, which suggests to me that they couldn't read the producers handwriting).

This week a new Poirot series is being filmed, which is called The ABC Murders.

A few months ago GoCompare revealed their lists of the 20 Most used Film Locations in the World and 20 Most used Film Locations by Country according to data they apparently got from IMDB. Practically all the UK locations were in Greater London.

Yet I know for a fact that Bradford City Hall alone has been used at least 30 times (as I have a list of what they are), another 10+ which I have saved somewhere else, and possibly another 10+ older shows that I don't know about yet, so if those films/TV shows had Bradford City Hall alone listed in their filming locations, then Bradford City Hall would be somewhere between 2nd and 8th on their list. But if the entire Bradford City Centre neighbourhood/ward (which includes Little Germany, Bradford) was included like they have done with places like Camden, London then I'd expect Bradford City Centre to easily take the number one spot from South Bank, London.

One day when I eventually get around to creating my blog about Bradford (mainly it's films, TV shows, locations, actors etc), I'll also update Wikipedia and IMDB too. I'm not going to update much yet though as I don't want the official local film/tourism websites to take the information I've collected over the years, until I have it out there first.

At the moment IMDB says there's around 210-275 things that have been filmed here, which includes around 40 feature films. But I guarantee once I have all the building/street/address/village/neighbourhood/ward/towns locations which are within the City of Bradford (and I know about) updated, those numbers will be much higher (obviously nowhere near the numbers on your list however as we're a "on location" city not a "production studio" city). 
Obviously there will be some films/TV shows that I never know about if they haven't been reported on by the local media, but it'll be miles better than it is now.
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Very interesting, indeed I had never heard about Bradford. It will be an interesting blog.