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Currently, the submission guides include separate pages for each crew department, but what's missing is a single page that lists the rules and guidelines that apply across all departments. I'd like to see a page for 'General Guidelines for Crew Credits' added to the guides.

Some of the rules/guidelines that apply to all crew listings are already listed in one or two of the individual department guides (but not in all of the places where they apply); some appear as messages or warnings on the update form (but not in the actual guides); some are simply 'common knowledge' that doesn't seem to be documented anywhere (except perhaps in answer to questions here).

In addition to making these guidelines easier for contributors to find (or refer to when posting here), I wonder if a consolidated list of 'global' guidelines may also help to ensure that policy is more consistent between departments.

By way of example, here's some of the guidelines I'd like to see included:

  • Occupations (and attributes) should be lowercase only (except for names of people, places or companies). [Currently only mentioned in the misc crew guide, but applies everywhere. Generates warnings from the update form.]
  • Job titles should reflect the person, not the task. [Currently only mentioned in the music dept and misc crew guides. I think policy is for this to apply everywhere, but in practice it seems to vary from one department to the next.]
  • Different roles for the same person within the same department should be submitted as different credits. [Included in a message on the update form for most departments, except makeup which replaces this with a different rule! Not mentioned in any of the submission guides.]
  • If on-screen credits are in a different language, job titles should be translated to English (noting that this differs from cast listings where character names should be in the original language). [Is this one actually documented anywhere?]
  • Company affiliations should be listed in the occupation field separated via a ":". [Included in a message on the update form for most departments. Included in the guides for producers, production managers, special effects, visual effects and misc crew, but not other guides.]
  • Other modifications to the job title should similarly be listed in the occupation field separated via a ":". [Costume, makeup and misc crew guides refer to this. Some other guides (including art dept and casting) use this format in examples but don't explain it.]
  • If two or more attributes are needed, they should be separated with a space. [Generates a warning from the update form if you get it wrong. Mentioned in the writers guide but nowhere else.]
  • Punctuation in occupations often needs to be changed. [Generates warnings or gets auto-corrected by the update form. Not mentioned in any guides.]
Perhaps there's also a need to explain the oddity that some departments have an 'occupation' field but others use the attributes field for occupations instead (I doubt that this actually causes any real confusion, but might as well document it).

As some of the items I've listed above only appear on the update form, I have to wonder what other rules are hidden in warnings and not documented elsewhere? But I suppose only staff can see the full list of warnings that are in place, and the rest of us only find out when we get something wrong.

I'm sure there are other rules/guidelines that I've overlooked (maybe also some that I don't even know about). If anyone here can offer any additional items that could/should be included (or corrections to anything I've misunderstood), I'd be interested to see it.

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