Suggestion: Implement user settings and a slight rework of the movie page layout

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I like the new look for movie pages, though there are a couple of changes I seriously disagree with. Adding the trailer next to the poster for example, it clutters up the top of the page and pushes the synopsis and Director/writer/actor information underneath and the movie poster to the side where it's much smaller.

I also don't understand the change from min (150min) to hrs & mins (2hrs 30min). I think it should be an optional toggle between one or the other. Speaking of options, I made a crude image of what I think the movie page layout should be. 

The settings menu appears when you click the little cogwheel by the username. You can change things about what things look like and the ratings, which many people have said isn't very good. Being able to specifiy who's ratings you want to see would make it a lot better.

Not showing 1 or 10 ratings can filter out haters trying to lower the rating and fanboys trying to raise it. Not allowing a certain user can get rid any trolls/idiots you run into, which happens a lot on the forums. Not using a certain demographic can filter out people who wouldn't like that type of movie anyway, for instance Titanic has an 8.6 ratings from girls under 18 but only a 7.2 from males 30 - 44. If your a 30 - 44 year old male then you don't want all these under 18 girls telling you how amazing the movie is.

While I think I made the poster a tad big in my suggestion, just a little smaller than that is the perfect size for the poster. The trailer is available to see right underneath it in the 'videos' section. So what's the point of it cluttering everything up when it's already available right there?

Thanks for reading.
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