Suggestion: implementing a confirmation box to end serial wrong quotes

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I am constantly fixing wrong quotes at IMDb. TV shows, mainly. It is spiritually exhausting! (Hi, Ed!) My suggestion: a pop up box before submitting, reminding the contributor that ONLY word-for-word, ACCURATE quotes are acceptable, would at least slow them down and hopefully put an end to the madness. There is a whole bunch of people out there, well-meaning, no doubt, who just go by memory and type the closest words they can remember, oftentimes killing the joke. 

Typos and grammar are one thing, we can't all be word wizards, but writing something that isn't verbatim in the script is sacrilegious!

Either they think they have super memory after they watched a scene, or they think "that's close enough". Those contributors need to be reminded not to rewrite Shakespeare, so to speak. An (annoying but effective) pop up giving them a reality check making them have to tick several boxes, perhaps including "I swear on my love for Star Trek that this is a word-for-word quote and I'm not trying to put words in Shatner's mouth" and "I understand my account will be suspended if I so much as type "by" instead of "for" and I will forever be banished from the IMDb shores" will sober up some of those way too zealous but careless contributors.

I'm just thinking about the poor kid in 3078 who will have to write a paper based on TV show quotes, and flunk their exam due to erroneous quotes. How can those contributors be so cruel?! 
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You can Quote me on that.
I will use that line in my first short film!
Oh my! Khaaaaan! You have always been and shall always be my IMDb Contributor!
To Be or Not To Be.....The Undiscovered Country...What's better than Shakespeare in the Trek! And in Klingon to boot! "taH pagh taHbe"

I think that a warning box is a good idea.

Could the warning be like the 404 messages? Funny?

Failure to Comply will result in your submission privileges doing a Peter Pan off this database, right here, right now!


One last thing. Serial wrong quote of the day. Trix are for Adults!

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Thanks! (PS: LOL!)