Live Poll: Twenty-five Years of Wanting to Believe

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Twenty-five years ago in September 1993 The X Files (1993) premiered on the still-new Fox network. The show, now considered one of the greatest sci-fi TV shows of all time, along with The Simpsons and Married with Children helped bring Fox into the public consciousness.

Episodes of The X Files tend to fall into one of two categories: standalone (AKA monster of the week) and canon (conspiracy related to aliens and the kidnapping of Mulder's sister).

To celebrate this series and its milestone, please pick your favorite from the list below of the greatest "one-off" episodes.



* episodes listed were chosen by researching lists on the internet focusing on this subject
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Posted 8 months ago

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Title...are any of these better?

Twenty-five Years of Believing
Twenty-five Years of Belief
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WTB is the best one as it instantly tracks with the tv tagline whereas the others are too vague.
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Triangle & Werewolf episode
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Was slowly going through to check your favs hoping you would have mine. And you got it
21. The X-Files (1993– )
Episode: Triangle (1998)
2nd is
22. The X-Files (1993– )
Episode: Monday (1999)  Billy Drago's Son is in this one.... Nor. Exp... Ed Chigliak...Darren E. Burrows

3rd is MIA
The X-Files (TV Series) - Hollywood A.D. (2000)

I DGillian Anderson David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi in The X Files 1993

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Thanks! My pick is The Goldberg Variation. Love it.

Close seconds:
Bad Blood

And I need to watch the Burt Reynolds episode - Improbable.

I thought the episode descriptions would show up like they did on the list. :(
Going to add them now.
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I vividly remember The Goldberg Variation, a lovely episode. 
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Congratulations, Jen. :D
But doesn't it have to be '... tossed of an 29 stages building ...'?
I know this can be a quotation, I may don't know. but for me it feels wrong to read it that way.
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Nope. That's correct. Thanks.
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