Supernatural episode high ratings suddenly dropping?

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Why are some episode ratings for the show Supernatural exactly 1 point lowered than they were a few months ago when they have the same number of votes? For example Swan Song was at a 9.6 a couple months ago and now it is at an 8.6. How is this happening?
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The breakdown suggests it is score bombing of 1 votes from top voters (which gets more weighting):

Not much that can be done about it, other than encouraging more fans to vote for it.
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Emperor keeps giving the same incorrect answer to every report of score bombing. What is now happening is that every new release is quickly voted on by 2 to 3 dozen Top 1000 Voter accounts and each of these accounts votes a score of 1 for every movie. Gravity now has 161 votes from TOP 1000 Voters, and 37 of those 161 votes score Gravity a 1/10.

Look, if 37 of the TOP 1000 voters were each trying to stuff the ballot box in order to remain a Top 1000 Voters, then why are all 37 giving every movie the exact same ranking - a 1/10? One would expect that some voters would give every movie a 5, or a 6 or a 7. That would be far less conspicuous. But every single voter is voting a 1/10.

This is automated robotic software in action - and each of the 37+ accounts that are using automated voting are using the same software to post votes - there is no other reason why they are all voting Gravity and other films a 1/10. The similarity of the voting makes it highly likely that the voting on these accounts is coordinated. This is not 37 idiots acting independently - this is 37 accounts using the same voting software or voting instructions.

As I have said elsewhere, if IMDB realizes that their TOP 1000 Voter votes are being corrupted by malware - by automated voting software - then they have two choices. (1) Either analyze, detect and block the use of malware and/or not factor the votes from suspect accounts into the posted vote totals, or, (2) Stop reporting the information about votes in the TOP 1000 Voter category. If these TOp 1000 Voter totals are so unimportant that they are not worth safeguarding, then they are not worth reporting to the public in the first place.

No company -including IMDB - can maintain the trust of their User community if they fail to safeguard the integrity of the information that is being posted.

And Emperor, please stop trying to wallpaper over this corrupt voting scandal.
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And please stop spamming the same message into a whole range of threads I've replied to.

I've answered your post in another thread, you'll forgive me for not answering the same post in each thread you've spammed:

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