Live Poll: The Case of Lisa Simpson

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Lisa Simpson is perhaps the most polarizing and culturally significant Simpson member... on the 'serious' side, how would you personally describe her?
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She's the Voice of Reason, without which the show could never have lasted so long.
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Misunderstood genius
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You have periods at the end of some of your descriptions and none on some.

My pick: She's your typical nerdy know-it-all, I TOTALLY relate to her. 
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Hi ElMo! I love this poll. I've always thought she's the moral center of the show, so my vote: "She's a small girl embiggened by a noble spirit, she's the conscience of the show."


She's an artist and free spirit, introducing her family, and much of Springfield, to culture. 

(Possible suggestion for edits: I don't think it's really important but in the text for many of the options, a comma is used where a semi-colon is technically proper. For example, in "She's a small girl embiggened by a noble spirit, she's the conscience of the show," the sentence calls for a semi-colon instead of a comma after "spirit." A fellow teacher explains the semi-colon as what is used when one has two sentences that hold hands. :-) For example, in that example: "She's a small girl embiggened by a noble spirit" and "she's the conscience of the show" could both be independent sentences but since the content is so connected and because it sounds better connecting them, a semi-colon works perfectly: "She's a small girl embiggened by a noble spirit; she's the conscience of the show." Just tell me if I get annoying with this stuff, lol. I'm such a word-nerd: I get on my own nerves sometimes, hahaha.)
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