The imdb REALLY needs to address the problem of random people deleting other people's trivia

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I just checked one of my favorite TV shows, 
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (1979) to see if any new trivia/goof had been added recently.

No, and MANY of the existing trivia was deleted. Three or four of mine, and quite a few others as well. I can't be sure, but I remember about 60 or 70 trivia items, only 36 now.

I've asked this before, and others have asked this before. Why is it so easy for just anyone to waltz in, say "nah, I don't like this entry, I'll report and delete it" and do it successfully?

And I've been answered, by some regulars, that "if it's not interesting or related, a trivia may be SHOULD BE deleted."

I argued that what's uninteresting to you may be interesting to someone else, the world includes (shudder) other people than yourselves who may approach a film with different interests and opinions, but whatever.

But no imdb representative chimed in yet. I know they're here, I know they respond to people. So why haven't they answered, I wonder?

The imdb is a collaborative site, the fans make up most of the comments / trivia / goofs / sometimes even the technical info and cast data. So why is this information, which takes time and effort to add to your site voluntarily and with no monetary gain, so unappreciated? Can't you see that it is extremely discouraging to people who take their time to research, check and then write all that information?

You value and protect the "great, most wonderful movie ever! must see, pay and see!" fake reviews, which are difficult to remove even when you report them with detailed information, but you remove relevant (and most importantly, TRUE) data without checking, just because someone told you to?

I agree that some trivia additions are just plain ridiculous (I remember an entry, something like "James Mason was a better actor than James Stewart") but for this series, and for a lot of other removed entries, I know for a fact that they were true. They were not opinions, or gossip, they were facts about the films / series.

So please tell me, the next time I catch or notice something interesting in a film, why should I take the time and effort to

- Visit the imdb page
- Check the movie's trivia section, go through all the entries, see if it's already added
- Write it as precisely as possible
- Code the names and titles to make them clickable
- Check google and various sources to be accurate, so as not to be giving false information

then only to have some snotty loser to click report and say "reason for report: because I can, so there, nyah nyah nyah" ?

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Posted 9 months ago

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Hi Ardan,

Thank you for your comments. I've taken a look at some of the deleted trivia entries and the entries were removed in line with our policies and had very loose connections with this title. For more information on what is considered valid trivia please see this guide
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Yes but the fact remains, these trivia items were approved at first, that's why they were on the site for years. If they were loosely connected or unrelated, why were they approved at first and remained there for so long?

So one has to assume that they were either approved without checking, or deleted without checking.

Consider that I re-submitted some of my other deleted trivia items, word for word, and they were approved again.

So who is right here? Me, who submitted them years ago and approved? The person who reported them, who was also approved? Or me again, who submitted them again and was approved yet again?

Therefore I assume that if someone reports them for a second time, they will be removed for a second time. And afterwards when I resubmit them for a third time, they will be approved again, and so on.

Forgive me for saying so, but this is a very politically correct and insecure stand. Always saying yes to the last person who voiced his opinion.

There should be a definite standard. Either it must be harder to submit trivia/goof additions (they must actually be fact-checked by a person, rather than a simple spell check) but this would take an awful lot of time and personnel.

Or it must be harder to delete trivia/goof additions. I suggest that a trivia/goof addition must be deleteable ONLY by the person who submitted it. If a third person makes an application to remove (or even edit) my item, imdb should send them a message, "Please provide a link or detailed information as to why this item should be removed." Instead of just making them select from a pre-prepared list of reasons, such as "not true / inaccurate / not related..."

Alternately, the imdb can send me, the contributor a message, something in the lines of "Your entry has been challenged / asked to be revised / removed. If you want your entry to remain on the movie's page, please provide further information." Then, for instance, I can send a link or information that affirms my input, and it stays.

I do realize that it's not an easy matter to solve, but the imdb must likewise realize that this practice is alienating the contributing, active members. I'm not a webmaster, I can't think of a more practical solution, but on this trivia / goofs thingy, I can safely say that any solution is better than the way things are now.