Live Poll: The Most Surprising 2018 Top Ten AFI Movies of the Year Pick?

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Of the ten feature films chosen this year for the 2018 Top Ten AFI Movies of the Year from the American Film Institute, which one is the most surprising?

I feel it would make for a more interesting (and less on the nose) poll than which one is your favorite from the list.

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  • I'm a zombie for ice cream... rather than brains.

Posted 2 months ago

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I'm quite surprised about "A Quiet Place".
I haven't see a lot of 2018 movies but I know for a fact that the movie isn't one of the best of the year but it's my perspective.
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Mary Poppins Returns
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Did they even WATCH these films? Most are right down there with MOONLIGHT and MUDBOUND.
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My pick: A Quiet Place.  It's about time for a well made creature film!  :)