The Monster Troll of The Sopranos Board.

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Though the television show The Sopranos has been off the air for sometime, the board is still lively with people wanting to discuss aspects of the show. That being said, there is a monster Troll who keeps exclusively to this board. He used to post under yourboss19, but all of those posts have been deleted. Everyone thought his account was wiped, but after less then a week, he came back, posting under the name GypRosetti and Hesh3. If the definition of the word troll is to cause arguments on a message board, then this guys picture should be under the definition. He constantly posts quote threads, usually in groups of about 15. He is the only person who responds to these quote threads as well. He calls anyone who disagrees with him on the boards idiots, and other, worse names. He mocks people, and threatens them, even going so far as to challenge people to meet up in real life for fights. He constantly uses bad language and never ever actually helps with questions or conversations because apparently, he is right all the time, and anyone who disagrees is stupid. He has completely ruined this board. Go to it, it is more like a battle torn wasteland now then a message board. It is useless to ignore him, because other posters create topics calling him out, and he posts under multiple names. I have tried reporting him, but I am beginning to think that doing so does nothing.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Our policy that we suggest in terms of dealing with trolls is to report and ignore. Please encourage other message board users to report the inappropriate post right away and to ignore the thread any further as well; if the troll has no one to troll, the troll will move on and find something else to do. There have been many suggestions from other users on how to handle the bullying that goes on in the boards, and we have a few of those ideas under consideration. I know it must be frustrating to try to hold a conversation on the boards and only get troll responses in return, but if most people report and ignore -- our admins will be notified and the troll will hopefully go away.
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I`d just like to say that I came here for this very same reason.Sorry Alex but some 8 months on the problem still remains and the board has become so utterly and hopelessly "infected" by this guy and what appear to be fake accounts that he uses that your suggestion of reporting and ignoring is totally useless.if anyone posts a thread he doesn`t like he either floods the board with quotes or bumps his comments to the top.Seriously if somebody from IMDB was to just go to The Sopranos board and go through the posts for just a minute you would soon see that this user (who now seems to use the name MarloStanfield56 as his main account.although he still uses the "Hesh" identity amongst several others) is quite blatant in outlining that his aim is to cause chaos on the board.He`s abusive,aggressive and persistent (aren`t ANY of these things against your user policies!) IMDB really needs to look into this matter as it has gone WAY beyond mere trolling and is completely wrecking the board for people who just want to have an intelligent discussion about The Sopranos.
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Yeah. What I'd like to know is what the imdb staff intend to do about the situation.

Isn't it their job to deal with trolls?
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Apparently this MarloStanfield56 has been doing this on The Sopranos board for 7 YEARS in one guise or another, so the "ignore them and they`ll hopefully go away" advice doesn`t seem to hold much water!

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