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I noticed strange discrepancies in ratings for Apocalypse Now and then realised that those were ratings for different versions, so some rated it 10 for the original version and others 3 for a remake.

So I spent the an entire day to tediously create a separate movie page with new picture, details and much more for the 40 year aniversary of Apocalypse now.

But after a week or a month it was merged without a notification into the original:

Before this occured I did spend a lot of time correcting errors in trivias, adding missing names and writing reviews, but this got me so frustrated that since I refrained from writing an elaborate review anymore.

I strongly believe that separate sites should be made for separate versions of a movie in order to distinguish from the original.
For example there are black and white movies which were coloured later and IMDB does not allow for a distinction of both.
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And this is an IDEA post, not a PROBLEM post. You have an idea not a problem here.

What is the difference in a movie that is B&W and Color.
Answer: None, except the visual.
One would hope that one not be duped into changing ones rating and opinion about the content of a movies writing and acting based on the colorization.

Yep, that movie Casablanca was boring and lifeless in color. Bogart acted so bad. Sydney Greenstreet's performance was below par because of the color. And the colorization made Bergman's performance look as if she phoned it in! Silly Huh!

No. Titles need to stay as is. You wanna write a review and review any or all versions and address each version so that a reader can access your opinion all rolled into one, then do so. A user not that into the three or four versions may be denied your well thought out multi review because someone came up with the bonehead idea of separating them into 3 or 4 titles.
Why deny someone the information that there "ARE" 3 or 4 versions? Hmmm!

So go write a multi-review.
Be smart.
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You are right, Ed, this is not a problem post, but for me it was because I spend a weeks time into setting up the page and suddenly it simply was gone, so I am literally on the verge of canceling my IMDB and this account probably even before new years eve.
You calling my idea a bonehead idea pushed me a step further towards that decision to move out of social network exchanges in general

Is there a possibility to change my problem-category into an idea-category?

What I don't really understand is that you mee-too my request, yet say that titles should stay as it is -what now - did you agree or not with my request?

On one hand you say that Casablanca did not work in color, on the other hand you wish no one would rate that diffferently than the b&w one,so is someone supposed to rate merely on the movements of the movie but not on the general composition? 
(Anyway my issue was not about b&w movies but about different versions)

3. your reason for leaving all versions under one roof is that others get to know about other versions - so what about the ratings? You want me to give a movie a 5 only because I found one version a 1 and the other one a 10?
How do you propose to differentiate the rating?
You might as well roll Matrix 1,2 &3 into one Matrix series rating just so that users know about all versions.

Talking series - this already is a problem that many non-professionals see one episode of a series, don't like it and then rate down the entire series with 1-star. So the series ratings are to a large extend totally useless because some simpletons aren't able or willing to differentiate with their private taste and a review of an entire work. If someone reviews and rates a series o which one only has seen 5% they might as well review movies they never watched.
Maybe this is the reason why IMDB-ratings are not mentioned in Wikipedia - they simply can't taken serious.
Hence I even start to support the idea that ratings for entire series should be dropped - look at stranger things or designated survivor: In both series season 1 is totally different to the last season.
And this then leads to a muddled unclear up & down rating which doesn't tell me anything about the series anymore.
It would have been better to simply only allow episode-ratings.
Of course that won't ever happen, because if people have a feature they won't ever give it up again, but still my point is valid.

I also see that there are more versions when searching for Apocalypse Now and then seeing suggestions for "Final Cut".
This way the more versions of a movie there are the more of some kind of undestinct porridge the entire page comes - not even to speak about the over thousands reviews there - impossible to all get through anymore.

The way it is thrown all into one pot now, there's no chance to find out what people actually thought about the last version specifically.