To submit a Turkish Review is impossible because of spelling checks !!!

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I can not enter review in Turkish language. It says there are spelling problems.
It should allow me to write reviews in this language. We have characters like "ğ,ı,ö,ü,ç,ş" , also different from english. thanks.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Only reviews written in English are accepted.

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Is that part of the reason that Unicode has never been implemented on IMDb?
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The IMDb is intended for an International audience. Unicode was never implemented because English is the International Language. There's no need for Unicode. The entire site is in English or, in the case of transliterated titles and names, in the English alphabet. That way, everything on the site is accessible to anyone from anywhere who has a basic, working knowledge of English. That includes over 2 billion people, of which 400 million are native speakers.

If the site was multilingual, imagine how confusing it would be, for example, for someone from Turkey to try to figure out the page of a Polish film written in Polish, or for someone from Sri Lanka to try to figure out the page of a French film written in French. It would be chaos. But, because it is the International Language, it is very likely that both the Turk and the Sri Lankan would have some experience with English, and could, possibly with some work, understand the pages written in English of both the Polish and the French film.

The only exception are AKAs available for several languages, which, using a special algorithm that does use Unicode, can display titles in their native languages.

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Unlike this board, IMDb doesn't support all of the Turkish alphabet either. I would think that allowing reviews in foreign languages would overwhelm the staff which can't possibly oversee all of them.
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People from India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Mali, Britain, Zimbabwe, USA, Romania, Norway, Uganda, France, Denmark, Russia, Peru, USA and yes, Turkey, all write their reviews in English. It's a simple rule that everyone else follows. There are many Turkish movie sites for reviews in Turkish.