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Over a hundred dollars a year to look at a fucking movie info website? Are out of your fucking minds?

I would pay 20 dollars, once a year. Something like that.

This pricing is scandalous.
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Free site is free ;-) ... I don't subscribe to Pro. IINM, subscribing to Pro would give me access to more info about titles that are "in development" (before they reach the pre-production phase). I might pay for that if the price were lower. Folks in the industry use Pro for promotional and other purposes, but I'm not in the industry so that doesn't apply to me.

So, most of the time, the free site is sufficient for me, except for all those "in development" titles that the free site doesn't say much about.
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Yeah. Thing is, I wanted to support the site because I use it a lot and wanted the extra features. But that pricing upsets me.

And just so you know, you can still get the extra features. You just have to use a work around.
Simple as that.
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The Pro account is specifically designed as a business option. In fact, the latest changes significantly reduced its usefulness to the non-business user.

The price includes the right to set up a Resume account for a single name page, to add photos and a separate Resume page. This is obviously only useful for those who have Name pages, not the general user.

Outside of Resume, the Pro account gives access to a differently formatted version of the data, the ability to see (and submit updates to) In Development Titles, the ability to see (and update) company details and contact information (e.g. Representatives). It also allows access to special business sections of the site (such as Casting) that  are designed for the business, and that would not want a lot of general user input.

I am not sure that the Pro account is a reasonable option for any general user nowadays, as much of the data is now available only on the base version of the site. (I did let my Pro account renew last month, but cannot really justify the cost.)
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That all makes a lot of sense. It's just a shame they don't have like a 'semi-pro' option for us common folk.
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I agree to that it would have been smart to have ab option where you could pay a smaller amount to support. But perhaps imdb com need it, due to the favt that the industry is large, and that many pay.
I pay imdb pro, though I'm not in the industry. But I like to know what moves at production level.
For only this I agree, and thought it was expensive, but I though this is such a good site, that I still want to pay.
But agree. A "semi-pro" option for full buffs and those not in the industry would have been a good idea, except difficult to differ from the pro site.
There isn't very much going on for the pro's even if you are a pro. :)
I use imdb 99% and pro 1% when using the site.

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