trouble connecting external credits to my profile

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I am "Benitha Vlok".
I have a pro IMDb profile I pay for monthly, but credits people added for my name before I opened my account are not linked to my profile. How can this be fixed?
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Posted 4 years ago

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When you joined Pro you had the option to create a page or link to an existing page. You should have done the latter. So to fix it, you will merge the pages by following the instructions on the FAQ page (it's visible when you click "help" on the main site) for You have two separate pages for the same person, how can this be fixed?

Are these the pages?

Benitha Vlok (I) (Cinematographer, Making of the 15th Raindance Film Festival (2007))
Benitha Vlok (II) (Producer, Sweetheart (2010))

If so, you'll start on the page that says (II) and you'll click the "edit page" button, then to the right of "Name correction or merge," you'll change "no change" to "add correction," then scroll down and click the "continue" button (you'll click the same button after each step though it'll have different names as you go).

Enter your name as it appears on the (I) page, except last name goes first, so "Vlok, Benitha (I)." Uncheck the option to "preserve name..." as this is not needed and add an explanation (like "I am Benitha and I created a second Name Page and need to merge them into one as all data refers to me"), then click the "check these updates" button.

You'll be given a warning message that this action will "merge" the two pages. Check that you acknowledge it since this is what you need to do. Then click "recheck these updates."

The background will turn green and the button will now allow you to "submit these updates."

Then just wait for it to process, probably a few days, though it can take 1-7 days to process.
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First off, which Benitha Vlok are you? There is already two name pages for people with this name:

If both of these pages are about "you" they will need to be merged; if one is you and the other is someone else then care needs to be taken over which one is linked to you.
How to merge is here:

Beyond that I think you are confusing name pages with your personal account pages.

A name page is a public page about a person; even if that person happens to be you it is not and never will be owned by you.

A pro account lets you claim a particular name page to edit the pictures and place your resume link on it, but beyond that in what sense are you trying to "link" it with your profile?

If you need to know how to claim a name page the instructions are here:
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Hi Vincent...
No, actually this is my Pro profile:
But as I remember I have never managed to link both those credits you have listed to my profile. In fact when I wanted to make my profile name "Benitha Vlok" it didn't want to accept it, so I just wrote my name in as "benithavlok" to keep using the other features I needed IMDb for.
But I noticed this forum, so thought it's time I ask.
Thanks for advise. I will try it out. 
There are actually 3 credits with my name that I will try link to my paid profile.
There is luckily no other Benitha Vlok out there. Just me.
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You seem to be confusing a User Account with parts of the database, its Name Pages. They are two different things and cannot be merged as one.

A User Account is created by you by entering an email address and password, so that you can use features of the site, chatting on message boards, rating films, creating lists, updating information on Name or Title pages.

A Name Page is a part of the database that has a heading of a Name then lists the credits for the person named.

Your link, is a User Account that allows you to log in to the site. Note that it says "user" in the address.

I posted above:

Benitha Vlok (I) (Cinematographer, Making of the 15th Raindance Film Festival (2007)) which is

Benitha Vlok (II) (Producer, Sweetheart (2010)) which is

These are parts of the database, Name Pages (notice it says "name" in the address), that list a name (both you?) and that person's credits.

An example of these two things...I have a user account in the name bluesmanSF but do not have a Name Page as my name is not listed in IMDb, as I do not have film/tv credits to display.

Marilyn Monroe or John Wayne have IMDb Name Pages because they have film/tv credits but do not have User Accounts because they are deceased.

The reason it did not let you use your real name on the account you linked to is because it is supposed to have a User ID, not a real name. Since it does not list any film information and is for your use only, the name is not searchable and doesn't display credits. Also, User ID's need to be unique and cannot display spaces, etc., like an email address.

So, again, are the two name pages I linked above both referring to you (as in, do the credits and any other data displayed, refer to your work?)? If so, they need to be merged into one.

Then, you can claim your page, which creates a link between them so you can upload photos and a link to your resumé page.

You'd go to that page in the IMDbPro view and click the "claim my page" button and proceed (you might as well do the merge first to make it easier.

See the merge instructions I posted above or post back to ask for more specific direction.

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