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Today we are announcing changes to User Reviews as part of the broader site update announcement (https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/upcoming-changes-to-several-imdb-features-du6man1opd5q0). After in-depth discussion and examination, we have decided to simplify the features and functionality for reviews as follows:

  • “Your Reviews” are now ordered by Date and reviews on each Title sub page are ordered by Helpfulness.We will continue to update functionality in the new year, starting by bringing back the ability to sort reviews from newest to oldest/oldest to newest. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the overall experience.
  • We have removed the Index view. 
  • We updated the way that reviews with spoilers are displayed.
Additionally, on our iOS and Android apps, you can now browse all reviews for a movie or show, as well as see which reviews were voted most helpful. In the next few days we’ll be updating the Review contribution experience, which will be the foundation to enabling mobile users to write and post reviews in the near future. For more information about Reviews, see the IMDbHelp Center.

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Posted 7 months ago

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I had not received any update of new comments. Is IMDb going to reintroduce the index of our reviews? I check every now and then, perhaps weekly, but it's still the same endless, alphabetical continuum of the review texts, not simply the titles. If I want to find one review, now it takes me ages, or I just simple give up...
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I also check regularly in the hope of finding that index view has returned. PLEASE DO THIS, IMDB!!!!!
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Official Response
A further update ... we have restored the option to view / link individual reviews:

To view an individual review, simply click the review title.  To copy the URL of a review, click on the "Copy link" label under the review.  For example from https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5580390/reviews?sort=reviewVolume&dir=desc&ratingFilter=0 (see red highlighting)

which will lead you to or will copy -> https://www.imdb.com/review/rw4063416/
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I'm also curious if an easier way is coming back to find reviews.  I'm trying to make copies of my reviews in case they eventually go away here so I'm going through the "load more" but it is VERY slow and I'm just at 100 of 16,000+ so I can only imagine it getting much worse as I go further along.  Anyone know a better way?
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I'm trying to make copies of my reviews in case they eventually go away here
so I'm going through the "load more" but it is VERY slow
by Michael Elliott
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Save them in Notepad before you add them here ?
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Col Needham, Official Rep
Jan 10 2018
•Fix “Load more” functionality on Internet Explorer [DONE]
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There is more chat about “Load more” in this thread (Search for it?)
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a few others with many Reviews to save (?)

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Yes, I'm doing that going forward but there are still thousands of reviews that I have posted here that I need to copy down.  Going through the "load more" process just isn't a very easy task.  The Index and expanded mode would have been much more help since I could just copy and past them that way.
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@ Michael Elliott

There is chat in here about replacing "Load More"  with Page numbers
That would make it easier to return another day to continue saving your reviews



You want to start a new "Change [Load More] to Page Numbers" topic ?