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2017 is coming to a close. In retrospect, here is a list of changes to user-lists that have been implemented over the years:

The Comments Section
Then: An exclusive IMDb feature that proved to be a great mode of communication for members.
Now: Scrapped in favor of Facebook.
Result: If you like it or not, if you want to answer comments and communicate with others, you have no choice but to create a Facebook account. In my case, Facebook has not improved or promoted communication in comparison to the original system.

The Related Lists Feature
Then: Regardless of the length of a particular list. It would appear on the User Lists feature, visible on that title page.
Now: Where many lists are created in respect to a particular title - only lists in the low two-digit numbers appear on a particular page. This also applies to all other Related Lists where longer lists are excluded. Number of votes are taken into account in relation to entries on a particular list and if that list exceeds a particular total, it does not appear listed there.
Lists without subject, description, or relevance to anything, but a set of random titles takes precedence over well-researched, relevant lists. For example: 'To Download', 'Movies', 2017', 'Wish', 'To Watch' etc. etc. add little to nothing to the IMDb experience. Those IMDb members that truly contribute and bring legitimacy to this site, in regards to the content of their lists, (and there are a number of them) are however discouraged by the limitations imposed on them.
The new changes also exclude list descriptions that were previously available. A handy feature that informs of the content of a list without having to play roulette for the desired outcome of what you are looking for in a list of another.

DVD & Blu-ray and Genres
Then: Both the DVD & Blu-ray and Genres sections of the site had a feature where IMDb members could create their own lists with the option to "tag" and have their lists openly displayed in that section.
Now: Scapped.

Drag & Drop
Then: A necessary component of the user-list. Especially for longer lists and listees who are very specific in regards to placement of titles, and who update their lists on a constant basis, accordingly.
Now: Scrapped for a time-consuming, laborious, and impractical, number system editing feature.

Compact View
Then: A fast and effective means of reviewing a list. Especially handy for the list creator.
Now: Scrapped.

Scrolling Speed
Then: Freeflowing
Now: Jerky, occasionally freezes, slow. The same applies to editing, with the addition of the disappearance of the entire page which then manifests itself after a couple of seconds. : "...lists are a core feature of IMDb and are from where IMDb originates..."
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