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That sucks, that reaaaaaally sucks!!! Shame on you! Reviewing movies meant a lot to me on a personal level and you had to spoil that too!

I'm sorry but I love IMDb, I don't think I should prove it by now, and I've always tried to suppress my anger when I learned about these so-called 'upgrading' measures (much more downgrading if you asked me) I stayed quiet when they shut down the daily poll board, I was pretty upset when they removed the message boards, but I tried to look at the bright side of things which was: I still had my reviews.

Reviewing movies was my most defining and intellectually-challenging activity dedicated to IMDb. I wrote about 1200 reviews, at home, at work, during train travels, I got hooked to it but I enjoyed it. But if THAT ranking system had existed 6 years ago, I don't think it would have encouraged me,

indeed, I loved the way you could check every once in a while your old reviews, figure out which ones have been rated as useful, which didn't (so you could improve them), it's a work on an epic proportion and perhaps one of the most valuable contributions in terms of hours of labor and without even being paid for it, we did it because we loved it. Again, on a personal level.

So for all the changes that affected IMDb, the reviews' page remained the same, it was like the "last untouchable sanctuary"... until today! Even the reviews had to undergo some trendy trick... What is with IMDb's habit to fix non-broken things? everytime something changes, it's not for the best. Whoever thought that "malfunction" of a page would work fine for reviews knows absolutely nothing about reviewing and the level of dedication of IMDb users!

I was an IMDb afficionado for as long as we could review movies but with that new "look", I don't even feel like reviewing, I don't even feel like watching a film or anything, I feel like I wasted my time, plain and simple. Or maybe IMDb is sending signals to the most dedicated fans, a message that says: "get a life, buddy! and if you're not a movie professional, don't dedicate much time to movies or this website, you'll always be treated like a schmuck".

Well, I feel like a schmuck and I'm really disappointed!

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